The Health Lottery review

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The Health Lottery

The Health Lottery was started in 2011 after a failed attempt to launch an NHS lottery back in 1988. Originally, The Health Lottery was made up of 51 society lotteries in Great Britain, but in 2018 these were restructured into 12 societies across the whole of the UK.

Each of these 12 societies covers a different area of the country and funds benefit local projects and charities. Each week, the proceeds from the lottery benefits one of these 12 societies in rotation.

Our review of The Health Lottery will cover everything you need to know about this popular charity lottery, including how to enter, what you can win and what causes your money will go towards.

How to play The Health Lottery

Entering the weekly Health Lottery draw is easy, as there are multiple options available. Players can enter online (or via a mobile app) with each entry costing just £1, making it more affordable than The National Lottery’s £2 minimum ticket price. To play, simply choose five numbers between 1 and 50 or select “quick pick” to have the site choose five numbers at random.

You can play with as many lines as you want each week, and there is an option to set up a direct debit so you can play your numbers weekly without having to re-enter every time. For longer term players, The Health Lottery offers a monthly subscription that enters you into every draw, with steep discounts on offer for players looking to enter with two or three lines a draw.

Just like The National Lottery, players can enter The Health Lottery at over 23,000 retailers across the country. Fill out a paper ticket in a participating shop and take it to the till to enter the next draw, or opt for one of the cards if you’re a regular player. 

There are other games available on the Health Lottery website, including a series of scratchcards to play online (with jackpots that reach over £20,000) and a secondary site called Health Millions which lets you enter for a huge bi-weekly jackpot, and bet on the outcome of lotteries around the world.

The Health Lottery prize draw

There are five Health Lottery draws every week, with one happening every day from Tuesday to Saturday. Prizes range from £5 for two matching numbers, all the way up to £25,000 for five (with free tickets available for those who match two balls, or one ball and the bonus ball).

There are also “quick win” draws that run every three minutes, and each of these has the same £25,000 jackpot!

To check your numbers, simply access the site or app and add your numbers in. Registered users are automatically notified of any prize wins, and winnings are sent directly to your online wallet so you don’t need to visit a shop to cash out. 

The bi-weekly Health Millions draw features a massive £5 million jackpot for each draw, so if you’re looking for huge wins (with reduced odds, no doubt), then you can try your luck there instead.

How much does The Health Lottery raise for charity?

The Health Lottery benefits 12 societies across the country, which in turn fund thousands of local projects and charities. Since 2011, over £121 million has been raised in funds, which has benefited over 606,000 people in the UK. 

Should you play The Health Lottery?

The Health Lottery is one of the biggest charity lotteries in the UK, and this shows with a wide array of options for playing online or in store. The additional games on the website and app provide more than your average charity lottery, too.

With 5 draws a week, there’s plenty of chances to take part. Your money will benefit charities and projects all across the UK, including young carers, mental health, LGBT and migrant causes, making it an excellent choice.

The Health Lottery is also fully regulated by the Gambling Commission, so you can play without worry.

If you’re looking for a charity lottery as an alternative to The National Lottery, then The Health Lottery provides all the additional features you’re used to. We highly recommend taking part. 

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