What is a Category D gaming machine?

A gaming machine is defined by the Gambling Act 2005 as ‘a machine that is designed or adapted for use by individuals to gamble - whether or not it

Nov 16, 2021

What is pachinko? Discover Japan's gambling pastime

Gambling is not quite as popular in Japan as is it in the UK or USA. Partly this is due to legislation that means only a few forms of gambling

Jan 3, 2020

How To Gamble For Free

Fancy a flutter without dipping into your own pocket?

There are several ways to enjoy the feeling of placing a bet without experiencing any repercussions for spending your own hard-earned

Sep 25, 2018

Which Countries Gamble The Most

When you think of gambling meccas around the world, it’s hard to look past the glitz and the glam of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

However, the American

Sep 25, 2018

Why Is Gambling So Addictive?

Gambling is still one of the most popular activities for adults around the world.

Whether it’s placing a bet on a sporting event, picking your numbers for the

Sep 25, 2018

Can Gambling Winnings Be Offset By Losses?

If you like to spend a few quid on the lottery or place a few bets every week, you may be wondering what the stance on tax deductions on your

Sep 25, 2018

How Gambling Helps The Economy

Gambling might be associated with a leisurely task or a profession to some, but it’s also a key contributor to the UK economy.

According to The Guardian, the

Sep 25, 2018

What Does Gambling Do To Your Brain?

While gambling on sports or at online casinos can be a lot of fun, there are a lot of risks attached to it as well.

From the outside, gambling

Sep 25, 2018