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Sun Bingo Review

Sun Bingo Review


Ah, just imagine this: Soaking up the sun. Feeling the rays on your skin. Letting them warm your soul.

What’s that? You say the sun and The Sun Bingo are two very different things? OK, you’ve got us there. It is hard to compare the central body of our solar system with online bingo sites. But we’re going to do it anyway because we’re just that kind of people.

You see, like the sun, The Sun Bingo is a source of energy and light (only you can’t tan).

Now you may be thinking you’ve heard of something called ‘The Sun’ before. Yes, you spot it everyday at your local newsagent. It’s that tabloid newspaper known for splashy front-page headlines and topless models (err… not that we’ve seen them). The Sun even runs bingo games in its pages.

Well, News Group Newspapers Limited, the company that owns The Sun newspaper, utilised the Gamesys network (which also hosts Heart Bingo) to launch The Sun Bingo online in 2008. Trust us, this bright and colourful website radiates joy and enthusiasm too, especially in its one-of-a-kind, second-to-none chat rooms.


We want to shine a light on one of online bingo’s best rewards. When you sign up at The Sun Bingo and make a deposit, you’ll receive a 300% bonus (up to £200). Allow us to break this down even further for you. If you deposit £10, you’ll get a £30 bonus. If you deposit £25, you’ll get a £75 bonus. And if you deposit £66.67, you’ll receive the maximum £200 bonus. Pretty freaking brilliant, huh?

Now don’t go thinking you’ll get that big bonus with every deposit. It’s only applied to your first deposit. However, as a member you can take advantage of regular promotions (things like Breakfast Club Rewards, Mobile Mad Weekends, the Wednesday Prize Pick and Free Bingo on select hours and days).

Last but not least, if you refer a friend you’ll get a nifty £20 bonus.


You’ll discover things are fairly straightforward at The Sun Bingo. There are lobbies and chat rooms dedicated to each of the three core bingo games – Sun Bingo 75, Sun Bingo 80 and Sun Bingo 90. Plus, as part of Sun Bargain 90, you can play bingo games for as little as 1p. 

So, for example, in the Sun Bingo 90 lobby, check out the popular Candy Club. It has three chat rooms, appropriately named Liquorice, Lollipop and Sherbet. Or get your groove on in the super cool Jazz Club, Showboat Club and Cabaret Club. These rooms are only open at select times… but when they are, the good times roll.

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to miss the fun banter that goes on in The Sun’s chat rooms. You can read profiles about the 10 different hosts. There’s Ben, who’s ‘fluent in gibberish, a skilled line dancer and a lover of any music from cheesy pop to death metal’, and Lucy, who can ‘twerk like Miley [Cyrus] to Motown music’. There’s even a guide to chatting, with tips and abbreviations (like 2TG for ‘2 to go’ and GLe1 for ‘good luck to everyone’) to help you get into the swing of things.


The Sun offers a veritable solar system of online games. There are more slot games than we could ever list here, including newer offerings like Starburst, Rainbow Riches and Peggle. Of course, you’ll want to try The Sun’s signature slot: Winning Headlines. In addition, the card games and casino-style wagering options (from Singledeck Blackjack and Roulette Splendide to Snap!) could give any Vegas casino an inferiority complex. The Sun’s scratchcards are also worth a go.


You’re not limited to playing on your desktop computer. Step out into the actual sun (or rather the cold, wet and grey weather, as this is the U.K.) after downloading The Sun Bingo’s mobile app to your Android or iOS device. You can enjoy all the stuff you love on their site including the beloved Candy Club room, a variety of slots and the monthly promotions.


Along with its ever-expanding, high-spirited community of players, The Sun’s online bingo website boasts a service team with sunny dispositions. They’re available by phone, email or live chat 24 hours a day.

Although we know this sounds a bit cliché, there’s always something new under The Sun. So we recommend you go find your place in The Sun. (See how we snuck in another cliché there?)

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