Jackpotjoy unveils Paddy McGuinness as new face

Jackpotjoy unveils Paddy McGuinness as new face
Paddy McGuinness as the new face of Jackpotjoy

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Update: Since this article was written The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) implemented a significant ruling on October 1, 2022, impacting UK licensed gambling operators. The ruling prohibits the use of sports stars and celebrities in marketing campaigns, leading to the dissolution of lucrative partnerships between gambling companies and their celebrity brand ambassadors, such as Paddy McGuinness and Jackpotjoy.

Unlike the previous rule, which focused on the likelihood of an advert appealing more to someone under 18 than an adult, the new regulations specifically bar the inclusion of celebrities, including sports stars and Love Island contestants, with a substantial under-18 fanbase in betting and gambling advertisements. These rules encompass various media channels, including broadcast media (TV, radio, cinema), including non-broadcast platforms like online, newspapers, billboards, posters.

For celebrities with profiles who appeal to a younger demographic, the termination of ambassadorships, like in the case of JackpotJoy and Paddy McGuinness, is unsurprising, gambling companies can’t afford the risk of a fine or worse the loss of their licence just because of their celebrity affiliations. However, there's a silver lining for Jackpotjoy, as they are shifting toward using generic individuals who better resonate with their audience. And of course they still have a fantastic welcome offer for new players.

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A royal departure

Jackpotjoy has moved on from Barbara Windsor and found a new face for the site’s advertising and marketing - Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness.

Best known for the catchphrase “no likey, no lighty”, Paddy will now appear across Jackpotjoy’s branding, including TV adverts and on-site promos.

To complement Paddy’s arrival on the site, Jackpotjoy has undergone a bit of a makeover. The new homepage is more streamlined, and there’s a new HTML5 powered lobby for players to enjoy.

That means the site’s bingo games look better than ever, especially on mobile and tablet screens. With new animations and styles, it certainly stands out in a crowded bingo market, and is very likely to be a hit with players.

As for Paddy, you can see him in the site’s newest advert which is currently airing on various TV channels. It features Barbara Windsor passing the crown (almost literally) to Paddy, before he proudly proclaims the site’s new motto: “Grab Fun By The Balls”.

If you’re interested in seeing Paddy’s Jackpotjoy debut, check out the video below!


New users to Jackpotjoy can deposit £10 and receive £35 to play with, thanks to the site’s 250% welcome bonus.

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And, once you’ve checked out the site’s new look, make sure you come back and leave a user review on OnlineBingo; let your fellow bingo players know how good the new bingo lobby actually is!

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