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Tombola Review

Tombola Review


You know what it’s like to suddenly fall headlong in love? Certainly you do. We all do – even if that love is for something like cheese toasties. (Oh, the way they just melt in your mouth!)

Well, that’s how it feels the first time you experience Tombola’s online bingo website. You’re excited. A little nervous. Full of curiosity. And then, before you know it (usually after the first few numbers are called), you’re besotted.  

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. is one of the largest bingo websites in the UK.

Founded in 2000, Tombola produces its own bingo software and some original games. Ever since the site was relaunched in 2008, it’s been raking in awards for things like Most Popular Online Bingo Site and Best Chat Host Team. Tombola also won the Bingo Operator of the Year title (formerly won by sites like Gala Bingo) for three years straight!


Tombola has a generous offer for newbies. Sign up and make your first £10 deposit, and they’ll double it – giving you a total of £30 to play with.

You’ll also want to invite your friends to join Tombola by passing on a special code. How secret agent-like! It’s a win-win scenario because your friend will get £5 for free and you’ll get a £20 bonus (after your friend deposits and spends £20). Plus, every time your friend wins, you’ll collect a prize too – approximately £2 to £50 based on their £20 to £500 windfall.

Wait, there’s more… Tombola has weekly promotions that include everything from Breakfast Bingo to Double Jackpots. And you can take advantage of a free daily online bingo game with a chance to win up to £500. (Tell nobody.)


Tombola has all the classic bingo games players are most familiar with – in versions featuring 50, 60, 75, 80 and 90 balls. What’s even better is that you can play these games for as little as 2p (tip: head straight to the Bingo Light room). This makes Tombola as affordable as it is fun.

In addition, Tombola’s unique in-house games will really grab hold of you – and never let you go. Take Pulse, which has rooms named Velocity and Speedy. Basically, you buy one ticket with 12 numbers… and as those numbers are called, they disappear. This game moves quickly, and so does your pulse! Or try to match cards in Cinco, spin the wheel in Bingo Roulette, fill a carriage in Roller Coaster, bet on furry fellas in Hamster Race and blow up boats in Battleships.

We’re partial to Pirates. In this game, you hop aboard one of four ships bearing names like The Liberty and The Black Pearl. You can then buy up to three tickets with caricatures of 15 pirates on them. Match five on one line to get the loot. The graphics are great, the voice of the pirate who does the calling is hilarious, and a parrot frequently squawks loudly in the background.


Tombola boasts more than 40 chat rooms manned by over 100 personable ‘Chat Moderators’ (or rather CMs for short). You can talk to your fellow bingo players, with wishes like GL (good luck) and WDW (well done, winners), or compete against them! Tombola hosts quizzes in their chat rooms. Participate and you could win up to £2 per day.


If you have an iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet, you can get Tombola’s bingo app and play whenever the urge hits you. Along with the website’s most popular games and chat function, the mobile app offers extra prizes and includes Tombola’s new free game: Go Fish (it’s even more fun than the card game you played as a kid).


What’s that expression? You know, the one about how you’ve ‘gotta be in it to win it’. That pretty much sums up our feelings for Tombola online bingo. Go ahead. Join in. You’ll have loads of fun. And you may score yourself some money!

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