The Four Degrees of Gambling Separation

The Four Degrees of Gambling Separation

Max Wright

Nov 13, 2019 2 min read
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As a part of responsible gambling week 2019 we covered how to keep track of time when gambling and how GamStop works, but if you want to really take control of your habits and take a serious break from gambling there are a number of options. Different methods for limiting exposure and avenues to gamble will work for different people, so we've listed them from the least to the most extreme.

1. Limit Temptation

Unsubscribing from all gambling marketing will limit distractions, reduce temptations and give you a cleaner break. If you think that receiving offers, welcome deals and other marketing in your inbox will increase bad habits, then be sure to find the unsubscribe button (that all marketing communications are required by GDPR legislation to have) and stop yourself from receiving any more.

2. Self Exclusion 

For finer control over your gambling habits, self excluding on the sites you visit most allows you to limit yourself without subjecting yourself to an outright ban. For a more severe and universal form of self exclusion, you can register for GamStop. To learn more you can read our beginners guide to GamStop.

3. Limit your access on all devices

Creating a barrier between yourself and all online gambling makes it harder for you to succumb to temptation. Whilst you could block sites individually using web filters, you can block access to all gambling sites across all your devices using Gamban. Gamban can be installed on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
Gamban costs £25 a year to protect you across all your devices and there is a 14 day free trial. If you are a member of a gambling addiction support group, you can speak to them about whether you can use Gamban for free.

4. Block all gambling transactions with your bank

By blocking all gambling related transactions with your bank you limit your ability to gamble online, at betting shops and at real casinos. This is effective because it blocks you from making any deposits, even if you can access gambling sites. Internet banks like Monzo and Starling make this very easy to do with dedicated “block gambling transactions” options in their apps. Barclays also offer a gambling block service too. If you do not have a an account with any of these it’s still worth speaking to your bank and seeing what options they have.

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