How can you keep track of time when you are gambling?

How can you keep track of time when you are gambling?

Max Wright

Nov 8, 2019 2 min read
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Whilst it’s well known that a gambling habit can affect you financially, gambling can also eat up your time without you realising it. One of the RGW19 talking points is considering how gambling affects your relationships or career, which can happen if you don’t balance your time appropriately or keep track of how much time you actually spend gambling. So gow can you keep track of time when you're gambling?

If you only gamble for a few hours across your free time or during sporting events then you shouldn’t really have cause for concern. However, if you are noticing the amount of time you spend gambling is increasing or that gambling is taking a priority over other activities, it’s time to consider setting yourself some limits. Read our guide on how to set limits on your gambling.

A good way to keep track of how you are spending your time is using a reality check when gambling. A reality check is a message that pops up after a self-determined period of time and informs you how long you have been playing, reminding you to take a break. This is just a nudge, and its your choice whether you keep playing or log out and take a break. 

Reality checks are a great way of gently reminding yourself to consider how much time you’ve spent gambling, but you could also use a timer on your phone or check the time regularly if that works for you. If you find yourself ignoring the reality checks and continuing to play for hours at a time, then it's worth asking yourself why that is. If you think a harsher method of self control is necessary, then consider self excluding from the site or signing up for GamStop to take back control.

Most gambling, bingo and casino sites will allow you to set up a reality check alongside a spending limit, so if you are concerned about how much time you are dedicating to gambling, please refer to each individual website’s policy for responsible gambling.

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