Sam Coleman

Sam Coleman has worked in the gaming industry for over eight years. He is responsible for reviewing the latest online bingo and casino sites as well as breaking industry news.

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Max Wright

Max has written news & content online for nearly 10 years. As the editor of Online Bingo, Max is writing and editing the site's gambling content and also writes video games content.

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Hannah Timoney

Hannah has written news articles and lifestyle blogs for three years. Venturing into the gambling industry Hannah is writing gambling content for Online Bingo and has written content for Lodgis Paris.

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Amy McDonnell

As a regular contributor to OnlineBingo UK, it's Amy's job to understand everything about online gaming and turn her knowledge into a digestible playing guide or exciting news story.

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Max Jenner

As a 2020 BA graduate in Modern Languages, Max is fluent in 3 languages - though he only needs English to write bingo news & reviews for Online Bingo!

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Nadia Fadeeva

A 2022 graduate studying Media, Marketing & PR. Also is a content writer with experience in freelance blogging and copywriting. She's able to write news stories & create online gaming opinion reviews.

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Giorgia Rose

Giorgia graduated from UEA in 2018 with a degree in literature and has been a content writer ever since, contributing to the iGaming, FinTech and Logistics industries. Check out her portfolio!

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Josh Osgood

Josh is an Affiliate Manager at Traffic Label and is currently studying for his Master's degree in Marketing Communications, so he knows all the right lingo!

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Rachael Phillips

Rachael is a freelance writer with a particular interest in online gaming. As an enthusiastic online bingo roomie, Rachael enjoys writing about the history of the UK's favourite game.

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Sara Walker

Sara Walker has over 10 years of experience writing for online publications including Sara enjoys researching the history of the gambling industry.

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Daryl Charman

Daryl Charman is a Las Vegas expert, bringing his Sin City knowledge to our loyal readers. Daryl has a wealth of knowledge in the gaming industry.

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Tracy Doyle

Tracy Doyle has over eight years of experience writing for both online and offline publications in a range of industries including education, finance, technology and travel.

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Emma Stokes

Emma Stokes a freelance copywriter and blogger who is enthusiastic in learning everything she can about online bingo to help others be at the top of their game.

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Michael Legg

Michael Legg is the digital marketing executive for

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