What is Responsible Gambling Week?

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It's Responsible Gambling Week!

This week marks the second annual Responsible Gambling Week. After the success of last year, the campaign that runs from November 7th - 13th aims to start a dialogue between customers, staff and the public about gambling responsibly.

Not only that, but this year, the campaign has extended to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, meaning that the conversation is reaching even more people.

The main objectives of the week are to educate people on:

  • how to gamble responsibly
  • the tools available to promote safe gambling all year round
  • sources of more advice and support

You can check out our week of Responsible Gambling Week 2019 content here:

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible Gambling is a principle that covers everything from the time we spend on gambling and how to set limits to the money we spend on gambling and how to budget.

It’s an ideology that players and operators alike should be conscious of. Operators are required to follow a Responsible Gambling Policy which actively encourages players to be sensible with their time and money.

What happens during Responsible Gambling Week?

If you visit any of your favourite gambling sites throughout the year, you should be able to find their Responsible Gambling Policy which has information on how to take control of your gambling habits. This usually includes helpful tips and advice for noticing whether you or your loved ones have a problem, along with resources and support lines.

During Responsible Gambling Week, however, there’s a big push to prominent effort to distribute advice and support with promotional material has been sent to all supporting organisations to really highlight the behaviours of gambling responsibly along with plenty of resources.

How can I get involved?

Workshops are being held across the country this week for people who want the confidence to have honest conversations with young people about gambling and how to stay safe.

If you can’t attend any of these but still want to participate, head to the Responsible Gambling Week website to find more information about the initiative.

Responsible Gambling