RecoverMe gambling addiction app now available to download

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  • By Hannah Timoney
RecoverMe app live
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Yesterday, the 19th October, marked the launch of a revolutionary new responsible gambling tool. This time it’s mobile.

Inspired by their friends' experience during University, and the experience of a patient they met during their traineeship in the NHS, three junior doctors came up with the idea for RecoverMe, having witnessed first-hand the implications of a serious gambling habit. 

Finding that only 8% of those in need of help are currently catered to with the appropriate care, the trainee doctors sought to do more and customise treatment in a way that has never been done before.

Thus, RecoverMe was born.

Originally launched as BetOnMe, a prototype was built and tested with current and ex-problem gamblers to create the best therapy tool available at the click of a button. The application, developed with the help of psychologists and psychiatrists utilises Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as its main form of treatment, and offers mindfulness techniques and a diary to keep track of progress and improve self-awareness. 

The RecoverMe app delivers CBT in bite-size chunks, a method of therapy that has proven its success over time.

“CBT essentially changes the way you think, feel and behave towards a whole host of things, but in this case, a gambling addiction” explained Dr Jain, one of the founders of RecoverMe.

But how well does it work?

Studies show that 80% of individuals who have received CBT therapy for their gambling addiction at the National Clinic were gamble free following treatment. The app aims to replicate the CBT treatment found during professional treatment. 

63% of individuals spent less time gambling and 35% reported a reduction in gambling-related thoughts following CBT treatment.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is considered one of the most effective ways to manage an addiction, challenging you to change your thinking patterns and giving you the opportunity to control your gambling behaviours, so RecoverMe may be an effective tool in helping you take a break from gambling.

As more problem gamblers make use of the tool, the team aims to use feedback to continuously improve their system and customise the service to work for those suffering from problematic gambling behaviours. 

“We are really hoping that going forward we can incorporate whatever feedback we get and in the last few months we’ve been trying to engage with the ‘Experts by Experience’ group that the Gambling Commission have also liaised with and they’ve been great, providing really invaluable feedback”, said Dr Jain.

The RecoverMe app launches ahead of Safer Gambling Week in November, which aims to promote safer and healthier gambling practices. For more information about the application and how it works for you, check out the RecoverMe website.