Using Skrill on a bingo or casino site

Using Skrill on a bingo or casino site

Internet payments are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. The payments are generally faster and more secure. One method of payment online is the eWallet.

These are online accounts that are tied to your bank account, allowing you to make payments without providing your bank account details. One of these popular eWallets is Skrill. Why not check out our favourite Skrill Bingo Sites?

There is even the option of getting a Skrill MasterCard that acts as a normal debit card so you don’t have to sign in to Skrill for each payment you make. 

However, with so many eWallets available, why should you choose Skrill? 

Why deposit with Skrill? 


Supports multiple currencies

One of Skrill’s most attractive features is that it accepts payments in over 40 world currencies, and it even accepts transactions in cryptocurrency.

Their debit card is also available in four major currencies, British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros, and Polish Zloty.

This is obviously a huge bonus if you are going to be making deposits or sending money in a variety of currencies, but for the rest of us, this may be a feature we never use. 

Widely accepted by online casinos

Most online casinos will accept Skrill as a payment method, it originally focused on gambling and e-sports transactions after all.

So, while many other competitors stayed away from the gambling market, Skrill made a name for itself in the industry.

However, the most important thing to check is whether or not you will still be able to claim a welcome bonus when making your first deposit with Skrill. 

Secure and fast payments

As with all eWallets, Skrill has sophisticated security systems in place to keep your data safe, so you can deposit and play with the knowledge and comfort that you, and your details, are protected.


Charges - limits and transaction fees

One of the downsides of Skrill is its fees. Unlike PayPal and similar competitors, Skrill has high fees. We have put together a quick breakdown of all the costs you could incur when using Skrill.

  • Deposit:

There is a 1% deposit fee for both local and global payment methods.

  • Withdrawal:

When withdrawing to your local bank or through global methods there is a 4.75 GBP charge.

Visa withdrawals involve a 7.5% withdrawal fee, something which may put off potential users of the system. 

  • Service fee:

After the first year of using Skrill, you will automatically have 5 EUR deducted monthly from your account. 

Exclusion from bonus offers

Some online bingo or casino sites may not offer their welcome bonus to players depositing with Skrill, so make sure to check the terms and conditions before you deposit to ensure you are eligible for the welcome offer.

You can always claim the bonus by depositing via another method and then make future payments via Skrill.

How to set up a Skrill account

Skrill requires identity verification, just as a bank or other eWallets would do. This keeps users safe by making sure they are really who they say they are, and to ensure there is no fraudulent activity taking place. But what do you need to open an account with Skrill? 

Thankfully, the process is relatively quick and simple and you won’t need much to complete it. Simply provide your name, country of residence, currency, email address and choose a password. 

To begin depositing and paying you need to provide your address, date of birth and a mobile number. You will receive a 6-digit verification code. You are now ready and set to start using your Skrill account!

How to deposit using Skrill

Depositing via Skrill is straightforward, just like using any other eWallet or making a payment online. From the deposit section of your account click on deposit now and add your card.

Choose your deposit amount and complete the verification process. The money you have deposited will arrive immediately in your account. Check out the official Skrill website for more information.

Our favourite Skrill bingo site

Mecca Bingo is one of the country’s favourite when it comes to land-based and online bingo sites, and it’s easy to see why. With 90-ball, 85-ball, and even 75-ball bingo there is something for everyone.

Plus, the site boasts a huge selection of online slots and casino games. To find the current welcome offer, read our full Mecca Bingo review.

Our favourite Skrill casino site

You’ll go cray-zee for PlayZee! It is the wild site with a massive selection of casino games for you to choose from, hosting top providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. To check out the current welcome bonus, read our full PlayZee review.

Alternative payment methods

  • Apple Pay offers an easy payment method or iPhone or iPad users with the added security of biometric authentication. However, Apple Pay is not a true eWallet solution as you cannot use it to withdraw. Read our Apple Pay payment guide.

  • Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher payment method that lets you deposit on your favourite sites without ever passing your payment details to a third party. Be aware that there are a few frustrating restrictions when withdrawing. Read our Paysafecard payment guide.

  • Pay by mobile and add your deposits to next month's phone bill. Quick and convenient, though will need to add another payment method in order to withdraw your winnings.

  • Neteller is an eWallet that works just like PayPal, however it comes with a catch. Neteller transactions, both withdrawals and deposits, all come with a small fee that may be off putting to many players. Read our Neteller payment guide.

  • PayPal is the most well known and trusted eWallet solutions in the world. With fast, secure payments and nearly 20 years of brand recognition, PayPal is supported at a large number of casinos. Read our PayPal payment guide.

  • Boku is one of the most well known Pay by Phone payment methods. Quick and secure, it is a popular choice, though you can't withdraw using Boku. Read our Boku payment guide

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