How to Host a Galentine’s Day Bingo Party

Galentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to embrace Galentine’s Day with your close friends. So why not toast the occasion and celebrate with a girls’ bingo night party? It doesn't matter if you can't see your closest friends in person for the occasion; you can play bingo together virtually or in person.

We've done all the work for you, so all you need to do is gather your friends, and we will show you some downloadable Valentine’s Day-themed bingo cards and Valentine's-themed Zoom backgrounds so that you can join in and enjoy the occasion with your besties.

Virtual Galentine’s Day bingo

Firstly, if you’re playing virtual bingo for your Galentines’s get-together, you can find out all you need to know about organising it by reading our guide to hosting a virtual bingo night. This will give you information about how to arrange a bingo caller, what video call providers you can choose from and how to generate bingo tickets.

Zoom Backgrounds

You can use some special themed Zoom backgrounds, too, to help you create a fun Galentine’s Day atmosphere. Although there are no specific backgrounds on Zoom that cater for Valentine’s or Galentines, you can create your own.

The video filter selection will let you add all sorts of things to change your appearance. Perhaps you want to be a unicorn, or there are options for animal ears or whatever else you want to be for the bingo night!

Or you can choose your own image or video and download it before the virtual game. When you’re on the desktop, go to Preferences in Settings and then to Background and Filters. Under Virtual Backgrounds, you can select a preloaded image.

Host an in-person Galentine’s bingo party

If you're lucky enough to have your close girlfriends living near you, then you can host your bingo party in person at home. If you’re purely hosting or playing for fun with no profit being made, you do not need a bingo licence.

As you’re having a theme bingo night, you have to pick some Galentine's-related bingo supplies. Why not choose Valentine’s Day bingo cards, which might be simply covered in hearts with numbers, or you can also buy cards with numbers and pictures. It’s easy to organise as a lot of bingo cards will be downloadable and free to print.

All you need, apart from the tickets, are daubers (or pens) and a random number generator or caller to announce the numbers.

Picture or word bingo

Another option we’ve seen is word bingo, which is a bit different, but still, bingo! It involves bingo tickets with words instead of numbers. And it depends just how girlie and open you want to be, as some Galentine-themed cards are very open and honest. However, you can find bingo cards that you can personalise to suit your group.

Other Galentine’s night bingo ideas

If you’re playing bingo in person, you could also ask everyone to bring a themed prize contribution that focuses on the Galentine’s theme. It’s up to you and your friends, but ideas might include face packs, wine, chocolates, or unwanted beauty gifts.

You could choose a dress code or theme for your friends to follow. Plus, you could also replace the word BINGO, and the first person to mark off all their numbers has to shout out whatever word you all decide on!

And finally, what about creating your own Galentine’s calling sheet to surprise your friends? We created one for our Christmas guide, so have a look and see if you can modify it for a Valentine's theme.

Don't forget to share screenshots, photos, and videos of your Galentine’s bingo night with us on Facebook. Use the hashtag #OnlineBingo, and we’ll share some of the best ones.

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