Who Sells Bingo Daubers?

Who Sells Bingo Daubers?

So you’ve decided to take your love of online bingo out into the real world and you’re not sure what to take with you when you hit the bingo halls.

It’s always good to be prepared when trying out a new hobby, so it’s wise to know who sells bingo daubers before you get started.

Where can I pick up a bingo dauber?

Surprisingly, despite its similarities with other stationery, it’s not always easy to pick up a bingo dauber in your local supermarket or stationery shop.

This may be down to governmental concerns over encouraging gambling, or it could simply be a tool that needs to be bought from a more specialist shop.

There’s no easy answer as to why bingo daubers aren’t as available from standard shops, but there are plenty of other options.

If you happen to be holidaying near a seaside or anywhere that has gambling outlets nearby, then you may be able to pick up a bingo dauber in the gift shop.

Other holiday operators such as cruise liners sell bingo daubers on their onboard casino areas.

Buying a bingo dauber from a specialist

If you want to be prepared, the best place to buy a bingo dauber from is from a specialist bingo supplier. You can find many bingo tool websites online, or from marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

Alternatively, if you’re short of time, one place that is never going to let you down is the bingo hall itself! For a small fee, bingo halls will sell you a bingo dauber together with your bingo cards.

Some people prefer to have the option of buying theirs from a specialist, whether it’s for a preference over dauber colours or simple “lucky dauber” superstitions!

Others may not wish to use a branded dauber; for example a dauber supplied by a casino on a cruise liner may display the liner’s logo, while some players prefer a plain design.

What to look out for

Most modern-day bingo daubers are naturally non-toxic and not poisonous, but to be safe, look out for a “non-toxic” notice somewhere on the label.

Due to their similarity with other felt pens, bingo daubers can easily get into the wrong hands, so it’s important that you purchase from a reputable brand to be as safe as possible.

Similarly, just as you would with writing pens, look for daubers with breathing holes in the lids to avoid choking hazards.

And if it all gets too much remember you don't need a dauber to enjoy the best bingo bonuses online.

Happy daubing!

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