The Difference Between Live Bingo Halls and Online Bingo

The Difference Between Live Bingo Halls and Online Bingo

Live bingo halls and online bingo can both offer you a fun game experience in two completely different ways. Whether you’re a dedicated online bingo player, a regular in your local bingo hall or completely new to the world of bingo, have a look at our guide to both.

What’s the difference?

Although online bingo and bingo halls will offer you similar gaming experiences, there are some slight differences in things such as price, atmosphere and speed of the games which are worth considering before deciding which is for you.

Where live bingo halls offer a chance to socialise with other players and win physical prizes, online bingo offers a level of speed and convenience, as well as allowing you to play from your own home or even on a mobile phone on the go. Both have pros and cons, but both will offer you entertainment!


One of the big differences between online bingo and bingo halls is the atmosphere. Depending on whether you prefer to play games in a more social setting, or if it’s a way for you to wind down on your own, you may already have a favourite way to play.

Land-based bingo halls are much more interactive than online bingo because you’re in an environment with lots of other players around you.

The bingo caller will stand on a stage or platform at the front of the hall to call out numbers and often players are encouraged to call out and get involved in friendly competition.

Being able to see your competitors, instead of them being behind a screen, means that live bingo halls often offer a very interactive and social game.

Online bingo is slightly different when it comes to the atmosphere because you can’t see all of your competitors and will often just be playing against online bots.

If you’re not interested in the social side of bingo and you’re more interested in focusing on the prizes or just having a quick game on your own, this may be your preferred way to play.


As you may expect, going to a live bingo hall can offer you a more expensive night of gaming than playing online might cost you. On average, a bingo game at a land-based bingo hall will cost you about £5, meaning that if you decide to stay for a full night of games, you may have to pay around £20.

In comparison, online bingo can be much cheaper, with many sites offering free games and other more premium sites only charging £1-2 per game.

When it comes to cost, you get what you pay for with bingo. Going to a live bingo hall can be more of an enjoyable social experience and so this is partly what you’re paying for.

However, even the cheapest online bingo games can offer you with the same level of enjoyment as a full priced night at a bingo hall could – it all depends on your preference!

Why choose a live bingo hall?

If you’re looking for an excuse to turn a night of bingo into a bit more of a social experience, live bingo halls may be the best option for you. 

One of the perks of going to a land based bingo hall is that the games can be far longer than the online ones, so you’ll feel like you’re getting a full evening of fun and maximum value for money too.

Another bonus of live bingo halls is that, because there are more people playing, there’s more competition, and so the prize value for each game is often higher than online.

So if you win a game of bingo in a land-based bingo hall, you may really hit the jackpot!

Why choose online bingo?

In comparison to live bingo halls, online bingo has the main perk of being quick and easy. Online bingo games are far more fast-paced because you’re relying on a computer to randomly draw each number rather than a bingo caller.

This makes online bingo a much better choice if you’re more interested in the money-making opportunity than the social experience.

Whether you’re looking for a fun evening out with friends, or a quick game to play on your phone while you’re out and about, there’s a style of bingo for you.

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