Online Bingo Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide

Fancy joining the masses to play online bingo but don’t know much about it? We’re here to help. Read our beginner’s guide to getting started online, rules and access prizes.

online bingo

Fancy joining the masses to play online bingo but don’t know much about it? We’re here to help. Read our beginner’s guide to getting started online, rules and access prizes.

What is online bingo?

Online bingo is the same as in-person bingo, except you do it at home and don’t have to shout out ‘Bingo’ if you win! Computer software selects the numbers, and each number will only be called out once during a game.

Find the number on your card and mark it. Usually, you’ll have the choice to dab the number yourself or use the auto-dabber option.

The type of bingo game varies, requiring different lines to be crossed out. In some games, you can win prizes by crossing the numbers in a specific pattern.

Bingo rules

You can buy bingo tickets in the online bingo lobby.

Once the game starts and numbers are announced, mark them on your card. The game continues until someone wins. How you win will depend on the type of bingo game you’re playing, which we’ll explain next.

Online bingo can mark the numbers for you, alert you when you’re close to winning and if you have multiple cards, it can keep the card with the best chance of winning at the top.

Types of bingo

90 ball bingo

You’ll have a ticket with 15 numbers arranged in a grid (9x3) in 90 ball bingo.  Each line has five numbers. The numbers from 1 to 90 will be selected, and you’ll have three chances to win:

  • One line: Complete a horizontal line.
  • Two lines: Complete two horizontal lines.
  • Full house: Mark all the numbers in a grid (three lines).

75 ball bingo

In 75 ball bingo, a 5x5 grid with BINGO is written across the top and a free space in the centre. And there are different ways to win. At the start of the game, the winning options should be determined, for example a set pattern of numbers matched or a line.

80 ball bingo

This game has a 4×4 grid with no blank spaces, is generally faster than the other types and has different ways to win. The numbers are divided into four groups (1-20, 21-40. 41-60 and 61-80), each with a different colour. During the game, the number and colour will be allocated at the same time for each selection.

What’s a dabber?

It’s the pen used in bingo to mark the number matches. Online you can use auto-dabs, which really help when you have multiple tickets!

Features of Online Bingo

Chatrooms: Many sites will offer chatrooms alongside games so you can socialise with other players.

Link games: Occur at set times and may not be available on all sites or rooms, but link games are when all bingo rooms or clubs in a game join to play for one large prize pot. There may also be extra promotions in link games.

Ticket cost: Varies across sites and games. It’s our job to find the best welcome offers and let you know, but you’ll also have options on each site. Check each site for rules of how many tickets you can buy and which rooms and prizes are available.

You pay per bingo ticket, and the general rules are:

  • Free tickets usually apply to smaller prize games.
  • Low-cost tickets (some will be as low as 1p) again offer lower prizes.
  • You can expect jackpot games or bigger prizes if you pay £1 or more.

Auto-dabbers: One of the really handy things about online bingo is that you can use auto-dabbers to mark off the numbers on your ticket. You may want to use a virtual dabber where you mark off numbers yourself if you have one ticket, but if you have multiple tickets, auto dabbers are so much easier. Sites will vary, but some will give you the option of different dabber colours and shapes.

To find out more about online bingo and other games, visit our helpful playing guides.

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