A Beginner's Guide To Bingo Chatrooms

A Beginner's Guide To Bingo Chatrooms

Bingo chatrooms are an important aspect of online bingo sites and add to the social and friendly atmosphere of the bingo site. Chatrooms enable players to chat together about all aspects of their bingo play and discuss general interests too, such as family, hobbies, TV and music.

The whole ethos of bingo sites is friendliness and sociability, in addition to bingo, so it makes sense to have dedicated areas of the site where players can socialise and have fun with their fellow roomies.

Bingo rooms are central to a bingo site as they allow roomies to get to know each other, relax and unwind. The bingo game can feel like a home from home thanks to a friendly, supportive and happy chat room, so this is a really important aspect of a bingo site.

A good way to get to know the feel of a site is to hang out in the chat rooms and see if you feel at home – different sites can have a different chat room vibe!

What is a chat host?

In addition to being places where players can chat together, bingo chatrooms are also designed to be places of interaction with the bingo chat hosts.

Chat hosts run the bingo rooms, keeping players happy and making sure everything runs smoothly. They also deal with any problems and are the first port of call for player questions during a game.

Chat hosts can also often help with other issues such as depositing, withdrawing, rules on promotions, how to play the games and claim bonuses.

The chat host will also act as a moderator for the chat room to keep the chat pleasant and appropriate – they might need to act as the ‘teacher’ to keep the class of cheeky roomies under control!  

You should look out for comments from the chat host during a bingo game, because chat rooms are where hosts often make announcements, give away prizes and draw your attention to any special offers, new bonuses or promotions.

Chat games

Chat rooms can be found attached to all bingo games at the side of the screen and this is where you can type your questions, comments and general chat.

As well as commenting on the bingo games, chat rooms can also play host to ‘chat games’, which are special games played in the chat boxes.

Chat games are run by chat hosts and often take the form of quizzes, where the host will ask a question and the first player to answer correctly wins the prize.

The prizes on offer in chat games are normally player points, but sometimes other types of prizes are given away, such as free bingo tickets, free spins on slots or other bonus points distinct to that particular bingo site.

Using the chat rooms

It is easy to get involved in the chat while playing bingo. Some new roomies might feel nervous or unsure when using the chat rooms for the first time, but you soon get into the swing of things and will feel at home in no time!

To get chatting, simply place your cursor in the chat box and write your message then press return. Your message will appear in the box and all the other roomies will see it right away.

If you have a particular friend in the bingo room, you can also often opt to send a private message to an individual roomie if you like.

You can sometimes have a number of private chat boxes open at the same time for various conversations.  

You can also type smileys and other emojis, just like in a text message, which can help to add emotion to your messages.

Chat rooms are highly social places and work to re-create that buzzing atmosphere of a lively bingo hall, helping to bring the game to life!

Bingo lingo and abbreviations

One part of chat rooms that is exciting and confusing in equal measure for new roomies is the 'bingo lingo'.

Chat rooms have their own distinct language that can seem overwhelming for new players, but it's easy to pick up and adds a feeling of uniqueness to bingo games.

Many players will know the famous bingo calls for the different numbers, such as two little ducks for the number 22, but there is much more to bingo lingo than these traditional bingo calls.

When playing bingo and reading the rules of bingo games you might see the abbreviations 1TG and 2TG used regularly. These means ‘1 to go’ and ‘2 to go’ and refer to the number of numbers left to daub on the bingo card until you win.

If you only have one number left on your card until you would hit a win, you would have 1TG. Many bingo games award prizes to the 1TG and 2TG winners, as well as the line winners, so these are important abbreviations to remember in bingo!

Lots of the chat abbreviations are combinations of letters that are used in text messaging, such as LOL (laughing out loud), GR8 (great), ROFL (rolling on floor laughing), JK (just kidding) or BRB (be right back), but there are other abbreviations that are distinct only to bingo.

If you want to learn more, check out our full list of bingo lingo.

Bingo family

As new roomies find out pretty quickly, bingo games are social places which are super friendly and filled with high-spirited friendships.

You'll find that other roomies are always pleased with each other and happy to see others winning. At the end of the day, everyone is playing against the house and not directly against each other, so you'll only ever find good-natured banter and strong support for fellow roomies.

A good way to get started in the bingo chat rooms is to wish everyone luck at the start of a game by typing GL.

You will soon be chatting away to your fellow roomies and making new friends – and if you can type fast enough, winning in the chat games!

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