Can you win real money playing free no deposit bingo?

BINGO GUIDES / Apr 23, 2021
Can you win real money playing free no deposit bingo?

Hannah Timoney

Apr 23, 2021 3 min read
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Dating back to the 16th century, bingo is a hobby that has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life, across the generations. Of course, the game has seen many iterations and evolutions over the years, and is now one of the most globally recognised pastimes around.

Whether you’ve only played it once, or you regularly attend your local bingo hall, the simplicity of the game means you probably already know how it works. But did you know that you can play it online too, and for free? 

Yes, you read that right. You can play bingo at bingo sites online for free, and win real money while doing it. This guide will go through everything you need to know about free no deposit bingo, from how you can claim the offers to their limitations.

Free bingo or no deposit offers?

While it is totally possible to play free bingo online, you won’t always be able to make money with this. Sometimes you can play bingo online as if it was a real game, without wagering any of your own money, but not make any profit.

These can be demo games or just online simulations of real life bingo. But, if you want to make money playing free bingo you’ll have to look to no deposit bingo welcome offers.

No deposit offers are welcome bonuses which offer you real money to wager and play with, before you’ve invested any of your own money. You receive the bonus when you’ve completed your registration and confirmed your identity, usually with a debit card or your mobile number. Don’t worry though, you won’t be charged for signing up. 

Unfortunately, there are limitations when it comes to this type of offer. You will normally have to make at least one deposit before you’re able to withdraw any winnings, and there are usually high wagering requirements attached to your offer. 

Can I win real money playing no deposit bingo?

Absolutely! While there may be conditions attached to the no deposit offer you have claimed, such as wagering requirements or capped winnings, once you’ve met these any profit is yours to keep.

You should be on the lookout for no wagering requirement bingo sites that may even offer these welcome bonuses without any restrictions.

Can I play any game of bingo with my no deposit bonus?

When you claim a no deposit offer to use on bingo, there will normally be applicable terms and conditions. These relate not only to the wagering requirements you’ll have to meet, but also to which games of bingo you can spend your offer on.

These no deposit offers usually only let you play the most popular bingo games that a site has, but you might be lucky and find one which doesn’t stipulate which games you can spend your money on!

Do I need to add a debit card to my account?

To claim a no deposit welcome bonus, or any welcome offer really, you will need to verify your identity. This is a normal check done by all trustworthy casinos to make sure that you are of a legal gambling age and to prevent identity fraud. This usually involves you adding your debit card or confirming your identity with your phone number or email address.

If you’ve verified your identity using a different method to debit card, you’ll still have to add your card details or another payment method before you can withdraw any winnings.

Should you play free bingo with a no deposit bonus?

The miracle of the internet is that you can find whatever you are looking for, including free bingo. There are demo games available which allow you to try out bingo games before you invest your own money, and you can find demo versions of lots of games out there simply by searching the game name and ‘demo’ or by choosing free play on your favourite bingo site.

You won’t be able to win any real money with demo games though, so if you’re looking to make a profit playing free bingo games your best bet is to opt for no deposit bingo offers. 

These welcome bonuses and offers give you the chance to daub your way into real money without committing any of your own cash! Remember, there will most likely be limitations to how much you can win, or stipulations on the number of times you need to wager your bonus before it converts into real money that you can withdraw. And, if you don’t end up winning anything with your no deposit offer, you haven’t lost anything! So, why not give them a try at our favourite no deposit bingo sites?


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