What is the best online casino payment method?

What is the best online casino payment method?

When you’re playing at an online casino you will have plenty of payment methods available to you. Most casinos will, along with debit deposit, offer PayPal, Apple Pay, and the most popular internet payment methods such as Skrill. Many others will also offer Neteller, Boku, Paysafecard, and Pay by Phone. 

Which deposit method suits you best depends on your personal preferences and your concerns for your security.

Debit Card

All online casinos will allow for a deposit via your debit card. Recently, new regulations banned deposits via credit card so the only card you can deposit with is a debit card. This is to make sure you are only depositing money that you have, and to make play safer and more responsible. When you deposit money at an online casino using a debit card your payment is kept secure by using a random string of numbers to encrypt your details each time you deposit. In this way, you can be sure that your private information is always kept safe.


Depositing at a casino site with PayPal has increasingly become one of the most popular payment methods around. It offers near instant payments, world-class security, and is completely free to use. PayPal uses encryption software to ensure the player's peace of mind, as you know that you and your money are safe. Unfortunately, using PayPal can sometimes make you ineligible for a welcome bonus so make sure to check the Terms and Conditions carefully before making your first deposit via PayPal. 

Apple Pay

There has recently been a rise in online casinos letting players use Apple Pay to play bingo. This means player’s don’t have to remember lengthy debit card details or continuously log in to services such as PayPal. Apple Pay is a secure solution that requires either Touch ID or Face ID to verify payments. It is quick and convenient, and there are no fees to pay when depositing with Apple Pay. Players may not be able to use Apple Pay though if they don’t have certain Apple devices, or for actioning withdrawals.


Paysafecard is a pre-paid voucher payment method that allows you to pay for things online using a 16 digit PIN, without ever giving your bank details. These pre-paid vouchers are widely available and can be found in newsagents, convenience stores, and major supermarkets like Asda and Tesco. Some players choose to deposit via other payment methods though because, one lost, the voucher is irreplaceable, and because depositing with a Paysafecard often excludes you from bonus offers.


Neteller is a UK eWallet provider that lets you make secure payments online by signing up to a free account. It’s a widely trusted company with two decades of experience, specialising in gambling transactions and is now available at many big-name brands. The payments are fast and, if you use Neteller to deposit often, you may be able to qualify for its VIP programme which offers rewards including next day payouts, lower fees and increased limits. Unlike PayPal however, there are fees to using Neteller and withdrawals to your bank account can be slow.


Skrill is another popular eWallet payment method on the market today. It works in much the same way as PayPal, and even has the option of a Skrill Mastercard that acts as a normal debit card so you don’t have to sign in to Skrill for each payment you make. This method supports multiple currencies and offers fast, secure payments, for your peace of mind. Unfortunately, Skrill also has fees attached to its services so isn’t always a player’s first choice. It also often excludes players from welcome bonuses.

Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone is a relatively unknown method of payment on bingo and casino sites, but it is safe, quick, and easy. It can be used by almost anyone with a UK phone number, so is a widely available method. This method is particularly good for those who deposit small amounts on a sporadic basis, and as you receive payment notifications it is especially secure. As with many of these other payment methods, paying via your phone can exclude you from welcome offers, and withdrawals aren’t possible so many players decide to use this after their first deposit.


Boku is the best-known Pay by Phone method on the market today. It is completely free to use and doesn’t require any registration so you can deposit and start playing quickly. It will often exclude a player from a welcome bonus so it isn’t recommended to use Boku for your first payment, but once the offer is claimed, Boku can be used for any subsequent deposits a player wishes to make. Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw via Boku, so a different payment method is needed to withdraw any winnings.

Which method is best

Choosing a payment method depends on your personal preferences. All of the methods outlined above are completely safe and secure, and will ensure that your details are kept protected. Always head to a trusted casino site to be sure you and your information are kept private, and then you can be sure that whichever payment method you choose, you can deposit and play without a worry.

If you are looking for a method that is fast, secure, allows for withdrawals, and definitely won't exclude you from claiming welcome bonuses then we think debit card deposits are the best way to go! 

Debit card payments also don't come with any hidden fees or service charges, like Skrill, so it is the perfect choice for anyone not looking to pay more than they bargained for. Other eWallet deposit methods similar to Skrill, such as PayPal and Neteller, can prevent you from claiming bonus offers if a casino specifies it, but when you deposit with your debit card you are sure to be able to take full advantage of welcome bonuses available to new players. 

While Paysafecard may seem like a top choice as well, this method can also can exclude you from welcome bonuses. The difference in security between paying with a Paysafecard and paying with a debit card is negligible but, once lost, a Paysafecard can no longer redeemed. You are much less likely to lose your debit card, but even if you do, online banking means you are most likely to still be able to make deposits online even without your card. 

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