Are Bingo Daubers Permanent?

Using any kind of ink-based implement as part of a hobby is bound to bring about an accident every once in a while.

Whether you’re playing bingo a

Oct 4, 2018

Are Bingo Daubers Washable?

We’ve all been there – we’ve perhaps got a little over-zealous over a game of bingo and dropped it in our lap, or worse still, had

Oct 4, 2018

Are Bingo Daubers Poisonous?

As a game that’s only legally allowed to be played by those over the age of 18, naturally, we wouldn’t expect a bingo dauber to get

Oct 4, 2018

What Is Pay By Mobile?

Pay by mobile or pay by phone bill, as it is otherwise known, is becoming an increasingly popular and widely available method of making an immediate deposit into your online

Oct 2, 2018

The Difference Between Live Bingo Halls and Online Bingo

Live bingo halls and online bingo can both offer you a fun game experience in two completely different ways. Whether you’re a dedicated online bingo player, a regular

Sep 11, 2018

How To Become A Bingo VIP

If you're a regular online bingo player, you may have already thought about getting involved in your favourite site's VIP programme. 

Unsure how to get

Aug 9, 2018

How Are Bingo Jackpots Calculated?

Like most gambling games, bingo is a game of chance. However, it's slightly different from something like roulette because bingo players can increase their chances of winning.


Jul 12, 2018

The Dos And Don'ts Of Online Bingo

Whether it’s something you do regularly or a game you play when you get a free moment – bingo is something to look forward to.

But, as with

May 8, 2018