Guide to Loyalty Programs

BINGO GUIDES / Feb 9, 2024
Guide to Loyalty Programs

Lauren Chassebi

Feb 9, 2024 3 min read
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If you're a regular player at online bingo, you may have seen sites promoting their loyalty programme and wondered what they are all about.

Well we have got you covered - here’s everything you need to know about bingo loyalty schemes and the perks they can offer.

What is a bingo loyalty program?

The rules over bingo VIP programs have changed in recent years, after The UK Gambling Commission introduced stricter guidance on VIP schemes in 2020. The aim was to address malpractice, with the the aim of eliminating any irresponsible incentivisation of high-value customers and enhance consumer protection. Operators must now conduct extensive checks on customers before labeling them as VIPs, with a focus on responsible gambling practices and affordability assessments. Operators must appoint a senior executive with a personal management license to oversee VIP schemes.

There are now fewer VIP programs than before but sites still want to reward their returning customers to keep them coming back for more after the excitment of the initial honeymoon phase of being a new player has warn off.

How Bingo Loyalty Programs Work

The fundamental concept of a bingo loyalty program is to reward players who consistently play and spend money on the site, offering bonuses and rewards as they engage in more gameplay and make deposits.

The basic concept of a bingo loyalty program is to reward players who consistently play and spend money on the site, offering bonuses and rewards as they engage in more gameplay and make deposits. Each site's loyalty scheme operates differently, but generally, the more points accumulated, the greater the rewards, which can include, free bingo games bonuses for bingo or slots. However, the value of loyalty points may vary between sites, so it's essential to research and select a bingo site's loyalty program carefully to ensure the rewards are beneficial to you.

Are Loyalty Programs worth it?

It very much depends on the site as some of the loyalty programs are pretty good and others are not very good at all! 

There are some loyalty schemes with attractive benefits, such as birthday bonuses, exclusive promotions,and invites into exclusive bingo rooms.

It is worth noting that loyalty programs vary, even amongst bingo sites run by the same provider. A lot of providers got rid of their VIP and loyalty scheme when the new rules came in, opting instead for bonus games.

Below are some of the most popular providers and their take on loyalty programs:

  • Some Virtue Fusion/Playtech sites like Betfred Bingo have a loyalty scheme, but nearly all offer various promotions.
  • Dragonfish sites like Kitty Bingo tend to run the weekly Star Rewards, which features the same promotions across all their sites. This is essentially progressing through the levels of the Star Rewards loyalty program, with every deposit and game played. You'll earn weekly rewards such as Free Spins on popular slot games and spins on the site’s main Wheel for additional Free Spins and rewards. Star Rewards operates from Monday to Sunday each week, with your deposits and bets determining your loyalty scheme level for the following week.
  • The Real Bingo Network offers a 15-level loyalty plan based on lifetime spend, with benefits including daily free spins and monthly cashback.
  • Jumpman bingo sites invite customers to collect trophies and offer bonus games. The loyalty program offers the opportunity to win up to 500 Free Spins every time you gather 5 trophies. Upon reaching the maximum number of trophies, you could potentially earn up to 20,000 spins, in addition to a £10 Amazon voucher. You can earn trophies by exploring the site, playing games and completing challenges.
  • Pragmatic Play sites like Bingo Stars offer cashback or free daily game in lieu of a loyalty scheme.
  • Tombola rewards players through its Playmates scheme for referring friends and offers daily free games with cash prizes.
  • Gamesys bingo sites focus on free daily games and player promotions.
  • Relax Gaming sites feature a bingo loyalty meter with rewards for leveling up.

How do I join?

Joining a bingo loyalty scheme is pretty effortless as most bingo sites automatically enrol you, allowing you to start accumulating loyalty points instantly upon registration and play, without any additional steps or sign-ups required.

The Future of Loyalty Schemes

Since the new rules took effect in October 2020  the number of players on VIP schemes has been reduced by a staggering 90% as most of the traditional VIP schemes have been transformed into loyalty programs. Loyalty programs reward frequent gamblers, which may include individuals facing gambling-related challenges. With Safer Gambling a priority for operators this raises concerns as these rewards often encourage extended gambling sessions.

At present it is uncertain whether these programs contribute to increased spending and, subsequently, gambling disorders, but players may see further changes to the way bingo and gambling loyalty programs are run in the future.


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