Bingo Abbreviations Glossary

From game terminology to chatroom bingo abbreviations, explore our glossary of bingo terms, which will help you understand all the fun of bingo!

Bingo abbreviations

An important part of playing at bingo sites is the social aspect of the game. The bingo chat rooms offer roomies a great place to discuss the games, make friends, offer support, share stories and chat about any topic under the sun!

For newbies, the chatrooms can sometimes look a bit intimidating with all the bingo abbreviations being thrown around, but these are simple to learn and add to the fun of the game!

Even the promotions and bingo games themselves have lots of their own language and abbreviations, which is helpful to learn in order to understand the rules and prizes.

From game terminology to chatroom abbreviations, read on to explore our glossary of bingo terms to help you get to grips with all the fun of bingo!

1TG – one to go – one number left on the bingo card until you have a win

2TG – two to go – two numbers left on the bingo card until you have a win

3TG – three to go – three numbers left on the bingo card until you have a win

JP – jackpot

PJP – progressive jackpot

WTA – winner takes all

CH – chat host

CM – chat moderator

CL – chat leader

WTG! – way to go! – a message of congratulations to the winner

LOL – laughing out loud

ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing

LMAO – laughing my arse off

SWL – screaming with laughter

VEG – very evil grin

GR8 – great

JK – just kidding

JJ – just joking

BRB – be right back

BBL – be back later

HB – hurry back

CUL8R – see you later

LTNC – long time no see

TTYL – talk to you later

AFK – away from keyboard

BB4N – bye bye for now

GN – good night

TC – take care

TTFN – ta ta for now

SYS – see you soon

WB – welcome back

WDW - well done winners

WDA –well done all

GG – good game

BLNT – better luck next time

GL – good luck

GLE – good luck everyone

E1 – everyone

GLA – good luck all

TY – thank you

TX – thanks

TYVM – thank you very much

GMTA – great minds think alike

NP – no problem

YW – you’re welcome

IMO – in my opinion

AFAIK – as far as I know

JTLYK – just to let you know

FYI – for your information

BTW – by the way

TMI – too much information

SRY – sorry

HHIS – hanging head in shame

PM – private message

*H* – hug

*K* – kiss

*S* – smile

*G* – giggle/grin

*W* – wink

Why use bingo lingo?

As you can see, there are fun abbreviations for parts of the bingo game, such as 1TG, PJP and CH as well as abbreviations for bingo chat. The chat rooms are full of bingo-specific comments such as WTG and GLA, in addition to general text-speak chit chat using abbreviations such as GR8, BRB and ROFL.

New roomies will see pretty quickly that bingo games are super-social places filled with high-spirited banter and fun phrases!

Good vibes

Unlike other types of gaming, in bingo rooms the players are always supportive and friendly and always pleased for each other when they have a lucky win. This means there is usually a really happy atmosphere that can lift your spirits and make you feel like part of a friendly bingo ‘family’.

This is also known as the ‘bingo magic’! The reason for this kindness is that all players are playing against the house and not against each other, so the feeling is supportive. This relaxed and inclusive atmosphere spills over into the chatrooms.

Quick chat

Bingo abbreviations are used in the promotions on site to help to explain the bingo rules in a quick way, for example, so players quickly see if there are prizes for 1TG and 2TG winners, as well as the line winners. They can also see if the prize is a regular JP or a PJP.

Another reason for using bingo lingo is all about being user-friendly – it makes it much quicker for players to chat. When the games are fast-paced and roomies are busy it is great to be able to say a whole sentence and communicate your idea by typing just a few letters.

This shortcut helps roomies chat quickly, show support to each other and enjoy building friendships with a few keystrokes. It also helps to build a game-specific ‘bingo lingo’, which makes the bingo site feel like a special club for loyal roomies!

Digitally fluent

There are other bingo chat abbreviations that you could see online that we might not have covered in our list. New phrases and expressions are always being invented in the bingo world and this is another way the game of online bingo keeps players on their toes and is always entertaining: there is always something new to learn!

So jump right into the chatrooms and start using bingo abbreviations to speed up your chat and join in the friendly banter. You will soon be giving wishing everyone *GL* and receiving your own WTG messages!

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