Why some people choose an unlicensed casino

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  • By Hannah Timoney
Unlicensed casinos

Players will sometimes opt to play at an unregulated, unlicensed casino. There are a variety of reasons they might do this, with some players simply being unaware of the dangers. Others may head to a casino that is not approved by the UKGC because there are some benefits you can’t enjoy at a licenced casino. 

Here we will break down some of the reasons players might choose an unlicensed casino so you can make an informed decision. 

Bigger welcome offers and bonuses

Some players are tempted to play at unlicensed casinos because they often offer bigger welcome offers and bonuses. Although it can be tempting it is still not a good idea to play at an unregulated casino because you are not protected. 

While you may be offered a huge welcome bonus but your funds won’t be protected by the law. This means that if the casino goes bust, or if they act more maliciously and refuse to pay out, you won’t be able to file a complaint or claim to get your money back.

Wider game selection

Playing at an unlicensed casino means you can sometimes find a wider game selection. Players that only sign up to licenced casinos may find that not all casinos offer all games, so they would need an account with multiple companies.

Unlicensed casinos can offer more games than those approved by the UKGC, but this comes at a price to the player. The games offered by the unlicenced casino don’t have to meet the standards set by the Gambling Commission, but this can put the player at risk. This means the game may be unfairly weighted against the player, or not truthfully present the RTP.

Sometimes the games offered by the casino will be pirated versions of the copyrighted game. This means that not only is the game an illegal copy, there may not be the same player protections in place. Overall, even though you may access a greater selection of games by playing at an unlicensed casino, you will not be protected in the same way as a player, so it is still best to head to a licenced casino. That way you can be sure you are fully protected by a governing body.