Types of Bingo Jackpots

Bingo jackpots refer to the highest prize offered for a game. Read on to discover how to familiarise yourself with the rules.

bingo jackpots

Bingo is a pretty straightforward game to learn and play. However, if you want to take it to the next level and increase your cash-out potential, then try online bingo jackpots. Jackpots refer to the prize offering the highest amount for a game. In any jackpot game, the jackpot may not be won; it’s certainly not guaranteed.

If your bingo game has a jackpot, ensure you familiarise yourself with the rules before the game. For example, if the jackpot trigger is to reach a full house in a specific number of calls, ensure you’re ready!

These include:

Fixed—A set amount or prize is won by a player obtaining a specific number pattern. This fund will not change depending on the number of players in the game and what you have to achieve (e.g., a full house or set pattern will depend on whether you’re playing 90 or 75-ball bingo). If you win, your online bingo account will be credited.

A fixed jackpot is perfect if you want to know exactly what the prize pot is. However, if you win, you’ll have to split the pot with the other winners.

Community—If you participate in a community jackpot, you’ll split the jackpot with others if you win. The split can occur in different ways.

For example, if you win, you take 50% of the jackpot, and the remaining 50% is split between the other players. There may also be a pre-agreed ratio where the jackpot is split 60/40 or another way.

In these games, the split type is always confirmed before the game begins, allowing more players to win.

Progressive—A jackpot that increases as players purchase tickets until someone wins. These jackpots are then reset when a player wins. Progressive jackpots are exciting as the pot will increase and is dependent on the number of players in the game and also the ticket prices.

You can win big in progressive jackpot games. However, it’s hard to win. As the jackpot increases, so does the number of players trying to win it.

Escalator—This is when you manage to reach BINGO using the required number of calls. To begin with, the number of calls (also called ball count) required to win will be set very low, so it’s hard to win. However, over time, the ball count will increase, so the jackpot win is more achievable.

These jackpots are not as common as fixed jackpots and may only be used for promotions. They’re fun as the longer the game lasts, the easier it is to win, and the pots can be pretty generous.

For example, if there is a weekly escalator jackpot, it will be available on a set day between set times (e.g., Fridays between 5 pm and 10 pm). The number of calls will increase each hour, and if no one wins, it will be carried over to the following Friday.

Our bingo guides contain everything you need to know about playing online bingo safely and packed with fun.

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