When Is Off-Season In Las Vegas?

LAS VEGAS GUIDES / Aug 8, 2018
When Is Off-Season In Las Vegas?

Daryl Charman

Aug 8, 2018 2 min read
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When you think of Las Vegas, the term “off-season” doesn’t always spring to mind. Experiencing a quieter period in the gambling and partying capital of the United States of America seems almost mind-boggling.

However, despite it averaging 300 sunny days per year, there are certain months where you can grab yourself a cheaper deal, avoid the blistering desert heat or escape the mass crowds.

The latter being very important if your partying days are behind you or you’re planning on bringing the kids.

When’s the coolest time of the year?

Las Vegas doesn’t exactly experience the same cool climates as the UK or other parts of the world do. But there are more bearable times to visit.  

During the height of the summer in July and August, a lot of American citizens and other tourists often avoid Vegas. So despite the weather being at its hottest, it’s actually a good time to visit if you can handle the heat!

For the coolest months, try February and March – although you’re still looking at an average of 21 degrees Celsius. It’s also worth noting that between March and April, you could be joined by students partying all night long for spring break.

When’s the cheapest time to visit Las Vegas?

The cost of a trip to Las Vegas varies. For example, you can get yourself a top bargain from November through to January (in the winter months), especially during the weekdays. However, you might find that the flights aren’t as cheap as you like.

Instead, the cheapest airfare to Sin City is in the super hot months in August.

Your best bet is to find a package deal based on who you are going with, how hot you’d like the weather to be and whether you want to experience the true busy vibe Vegas has to offer.

Just be aware, while the Las Vegas off-season may mean cheaper accommodation and flights, food and attraction costs can rise if there is a particular convention or event taking place. Holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve can also impact this as well.


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