How to play free slots with a no deposit bonus

SLOT GUIDES / Feb 7, 2024
How to play free slots with a no deposit bonus

Hannah Timoney

Feb 7, 2024 3 min read
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When you enter the world of online gambling there are a whole host of terms to wrap your head around, from no deposit offers to wagering requirements. It can be a little confusing, especially when you’re looking to play slots for free to win real money. You might be wondering if this is even possible, and if so, how it’s possible.

Well, the good news is that you can play slots for free and it is possible to win real money from these free slots. This guide will go through everything you need to know about free slots with a no deposit bonus, from how you can benefit from them to their limitations. 

No deposit slots or free slots?

One of the things that can be confusing is the difference between no deposit slots and free slots. Free slots are slot games that will never require you to make a payment in order to play them. These won’t end up with you winning money though. 

No deposit slots are slot games that offer you a no deposit bonus to play with, without you having to invest your own money to begin with. These sites, like MadSlots, will offer you a bonus upon registration, before you’ve even deposited, but you will eventually have to make a payment to continue playing or to make a withdrawal.

Whether you're playing free slots or no deposit slots though, all the features and bonus rounds will be the same, so you can still enjoy the same gaming experience whichever you choose - the only difference being whether you're able to win money or not.

Can I win real money?

Yes, of course! No deposit slot bonuses are a way to win real money. There may be conditions attached to the offer such as wagering requirements or a cap to your winnings, but once you have completed these requirements, your winnings are yours to keep. 

Some no deposit bonuses will offer no wagering requirements, or come without a cap, which means you can withdraw at any time.

Will I need to meet any wagering requirements?

Most sites will attach wagering requirements to welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses, though we do have a list of our favourite no wagering sites too! MrQ is one of our favourite sites offering no wagering requirements.

These wagering requirements refer to the number of times you have to wager a bonus before it can be converted into real winnings that you can withdraw, and normally sit around 35x. If you see a no wagering site, your winnings are automatically converted to real cash in your wallet, but there will usually be a cap on how much you can withdraw.

You can always check what the wagering requirements are of a bonus by carefully reading through the terms and conditions. 

Can I play any slot game with my no deposit bonus?

The unfortunate answer is probably not. Usually, when you see a no deposit bonus offer, it is tied to one or a few game titles only, and these are most often some of the sites most popular slot titles, such as Starburst or King Kong Cash

It is quite rare or unlikely that you will find a generic no deposit offer that can be used on any game of your choosing, but you can be sure of how you can spend your no deposit slot bonus by reading the terms and conditions. 

Do I need to add my card details?

You will normally be required to add your debit card details in order to claim a no deposit bonus, even though you won’t be charged. This is simply for verification purposes, to make sure you are who you say you are.

Sometimes you can verify your identity using an email address and phone number, but you will still need to add your card details or another payment method in order to withdraw any of your winnings. 

So, why should you play free slots with a no deposit bonus?

There are plenty of ways to play slots for free, with demo games being a good option to test out a new slot before you commit. You can find a demo version of almost any game online just by searching the game title and ‘demo,’ or by searching through the portfolio of games offered at your favourite online casino.

Demo games won’t end up with you winning any money though, you will just be playing with test credits and the ‘money’ that you win isn’t real. So, if you’re looking to win real cash by playing slots online, without spending any of your own money, no deposit bonuses are the way to go. 

These no deposit bonuses give you the opportunity to play and spin for free while making real money from your winnings. Remember, there will most likely be wagering requirements or caps on how much you can win, but you are still benefiting because you haven’t had to wager any of your own money! Why not give them a try?


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