How does Gamban work?

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  • By Hannah Timoney
How does Gamban work

Gambling is a fun and enjoyable hobby for as long as it is enjoyed responsibly and within your means. If you are finding it difficult to manage your time and money spent gambling you may find it useful to use some of the services available that limit or block your gambling. One of these services is Gamban, an application that blocks online gambling on all of your installed devices.

How does Gamban work?

Gamban will block your access to gambling and betting websites altogether. It is a downloadable application which you will need to load onto all your devices; phone, tablet, laptop etc. which will then block any and all gambling. This whole process is simple and easy to follow with the on screen instructions provided by the application.

In some cases, it may be possible to access the site or application, but the transactional functionality will be blocked so you still will not be able to gamble. Gamban also blocks access to all types of online gambling, i.e. Skins, Esports, Sportsbooks, Cryptocurrencies and trading sites. 

What is the difference between Gamban and GamStop?

Unlike GamStop, which is a self exclusion scheme designed to restrict your gambling access across all UK licensed gambling websites, Gamban blocks the device from accessing thousands of gambling websites and apps. This means you will not be able to even load the online casino or betting site, while GamStop blocks your transaction. 

Is Gamban free?

Gamban is unfortunately not free to use, it runs on a rolling subscription. Many other services are free, GamStop, deposit limits, and gambling blocks straight from your bank for example. So, how much does Gamban cost to use?

Before committing to the service you can take advantage of their risk-free 7 day free trial. This allows you to see how the application works and decide whether it is the right measure against gambling for you. If you choose the ‘Cool Off’ package you will be charged £2.49 per month until you cancel your plan. The ‘Exclusion’ plan covers one year, and costs £2.08 per month. This is a saving of 15% annually, so if you are looking for a longer term block this may be worth considering.

It is also worth noting that Lloyds Banking Group banks offer 3 months of the service free to their customers. These banks are Lloyds TSB, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland. University students can also claim 3 months free when they register using their university email address. 

Why Gamban?

Now you know how Gamban works, but why should you use it? For one, other than gambling sites being blocked, Gamban doesn’t intrude on your device’s use. It acts as a complete blockage of any and all gambling content.

But it does cost money. So you may wonder why you need to use Gamban and GamStop (and the other many measures out there to control your gambling). Gamban recommends their service in conjunction with others because ‘no one solution is perfect and we should all put as many obstacles as we can between ourselves and the gambling site.’ 

We recommend trying out the many other services available before paying for a service to block your access to gambling websites. These other options include blocking gambling transactions directly with your bank, GamStop and self-excluding from individual online casinos and betting sites.

If you need further information about responsible gambling, read our Responsible Gambling Guide.