How does BetBlocker work?

How does BetBlocker work?

Many of us enjoy gambling and spinning the reels, but what about when it becomes an impulse? It is important to control your gambling and keep it an enjoyable experience, not something which ruins your mood and negatively affects your finances. When gambling responsibly becomes difficult it may be time to consider some of the responsible gambling tools out there to help you. One of these tools is BetBlocker, a service that blocks your access to gambling sites.

How does BetBlocker work?

Once installed on your device and activated, BetBlocker stops all access to gambling sites in their database. This database is updated weekly to ensure the maximum possible protection for you. The service can be downloaded onto as many devices as you like, blocking access to over 13,453 gambling sites. You can choose how long to be blocked from accessing gambling sites, with restrictions lasting from 24 hours to 5 years, or forever. Once activated the restriction cannot be lifted until the self-restriction has passed.

What is the difference between BetBlocker and GamStop?

Regulator-run self-exclusion schemes such as GamStop only extend to licensed casinos within that country. Unfortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands of unregulated gambling sites, operating without a license which will not be covered by national self-exclusion schemes. Unlike GamStop, BetBlocker restricts access to unlicensed operator sites, providing an extra layer of protection against gambling when you feel you need time away. To find out more about GamStop, read our GamStop guide.

Is BetBlocker free?

BetBlocker is free to use. It is funded by an online gambling dispute resolution service, and therefore does not charge its users anything. There is also no advertising when using the service, so it is a great choice for those who cannot afford the exclusion schemes which require a subscription, such as Gamban.

Why BetBlocker?

When controlling your gambling it is always a good idea to use more than one tool. Combining BetBlocker with other services, such as GamStop and setting blocking gambling transactions with your bank, offers you an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

When using BetBlocker, the restriction cannot be lifted, no matter the situation. This means once the block is in place, you must wait out the restriction period before you can gamble again. This protects players from cancelling their gambling ban when they feel the urge to gamble, and gives them time to reevaluate their reasons for gambling. 

If you need further information about responsible gambling, read our Responsible Gambling guide.

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