Free Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Christmas Zoom Backgrounds

Whether you’re going to be playing Christmas virtual bingo as a family or with your friends, or just looking to get together virtually you want to make things as festive and joyful as possible.

One great way to make sure you're really upping the festive factor is having Christmas themed Zoom backgrounds for each person joining your call!

We’ve put together a whole bunch of Yuletide themed backgrounds you can use on Zoom to help you feel as close as is currently possible to your loved ones. We think you’ll like these Christmassy backgrounds, but if none of these tickle your tinsel, a quick google search will bring up plenty of other options. Check out our free options below!

How to change your Zoom background

To set up your virtual background simply load up Zoom, click Settings > Virtual Background and select the background you want, or add your own merry image by clicking +Add Image. Make sure to choose one with lots of Christmas imagery surrounding you, with baubles, stars and tinsel all around. You want to be the one with the best Christmas spirit! 

Free Zoom Backgrounds

These backgrounds are perfect for the whole family or all of your friends - no age rating required. Simply load them up and be ready to celebrate and feel close to your loved ones in these wintery months.

1. Christmas Friends

Christmas Reindeer

2. Decorative Baubles


3. Home Alone at Christmas

Home Alone

4. Sleigh full of presents

Cartoon Christmas

5. North Pole

Winter Wonderland

6. Santa's Presents

Santa's Sleigh

7. Christmas Tree and Baubles


8. Reindeer Print

Cartoon Reindeer

9. Winter Friends

Minimalist Christmas

10. Minimalist Christmas

Merry Baubles

11. Christmas Characters

Christmas friends

12. Flying Santa

Sant's flying

13. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


14. Cross Stitch Christmas

Knitted Christmas

15. Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

16. Fill your stocking

Christmas Tree

17. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorating

18. Snowy Christmas

Snowy Scene

19. Christmas Jumper

Christmas Pattern

20. Partying Santa

Cross Stitch Christmas

Share with us!

Remember, we want to see how much you enjoy your Christmas virtual bingo night, so remember to post photos to social media using the hashtag #OBChristmasBingo!

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