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Published October 4th, 2016
Updated October 4th, 2016

We pay when you play! is the country's first and only cashback site dedicated to bingo.

We pay cashback on top of standard welcome bonuses and allow you to track what you earn in real time.

Membership to OnlineBingo is completely free. Sign up now to start earning cashback or keep reading to find out more.

1. Types of Cashback

Our two types of cashback are designed to provide you with the best value when you play: First Deposit Cashback and Lifetime Cashback.

First deposit

First Deposit Cashback

Get your entire first deposit back as a one-off payment*

Lifetime cashback

Lifetime Cashback

Get paid a percentage of your total losses each month

Bingo and slot sites on OnlineBingo can only offer one type of cashback at any time. The cashback offer associated with a site is decided in advance.

* First Deposit Cashback capped at minimum deposit amount

2. First Deposit Cashback

Our First Deposit Cashback offer lets you play without risk, allowing you to enjoy new bingo experiences in the knowledge that we'll pay you back your first deposit in full, whether you win or lose.

All we ask is that you fully wager the minimum deposit amount at the site. You'll still get your welcome bonus, you can still keep your winnings and you'll receive notification that we’ve tracked your visit.

Benefits of First Deposit Cashback

  • Get your first deposit paid back in full by*
  • Keep your welcome bonus and anything you win
  • Receive tracking notifications within 24 hours
  • Available at 200+ bingo, slot and casino sites
  • Get paid automatically at the start of each month

* Minimum deposit value only, once wagered

How to spot a First Deposit Cashback offer

Sites with First Deposit Cashback offers can be identified by the blue cashback text. You can find this on category pages above the ‘Claim Now’ button (as below), and on review pages, within the the main offer bar.

First deposit cashback example

Above: First Deposit Cashback offer in site category listing

First deposit cashback review

Above: First Deposit Cashback on a review page

How to claim First Deposit Cashback:


Tracking your cashback (First Deposit)

You can see a running total of the cashback you have earned at any time by visiting the ‘Cashback Activity’ page in your member's area.

This page contains a summary of tracked, available and paid cashback at every bingo site you have played at via

Activity screenshot

First Deposit Cashback offers are listed in your activity page with a yellow label to the left of the logo. From here, you will be able to watch your cashback move through three different phases:

1. Total Tracked (Orange)

Total tracked example

First Deposit Cashback at a site will show as tracked within 24 hours of your first deposit. Tracked cashback will always be equal to the minimum deposit amount at the site, regardless of your actual deposit amount. If your cashback is showing in this column, you still have funds that need to be wagered before we can pay you.

2. Available for payment (Green)

Payment table example

Once you have wagered an amount equal to the minimum deposit value, your cashback will move from the ‘Total Tracked’ column, to ‘Available for Payment’. Your cashback has now been confirmed and will be paid automatically into your PayPal account on the 5th of the following month.

3. Total Paid (Blue)

Total paid

The ‘Total Paid’ column contains the amount already paid to you by OnlineBingo for that particular cashback offer. Please note that you will only ever receive one payment for any First Deposit Cashback offer.

First Deposit Cashback Examples

Are you still confused by First Deposit Cashback? We’ve imagined six different scenarios below to show how your activity at a site can affect what we pay you.

Bonuses & offers screenshot

The offer box above promotes a 500% bonus with a first deposit of at least £10. It also shows First Deposit Cashback of £10.

On this site, a deposit of £10 real money would be rewarded with a £50 bonus. Your bonus, the displayed wagering amount and the reload bonus amount is unrelated to your cashback.

Below are examples of how cashback for this offer can be affected by your deposit and wagering.

Eligible for cashback:

Deposit £10 and wager £10, cashback = £10
Deposit £20 and wager £10, cashback = £10
Deposit £20 and wager £20, cashback = £10

Not eligible for cashback:

Deposit £10 and wager £2, cashback = £0
Deposit £20 and wager £8, cashback = £0
Deposit £10 and no wager, cashback = £0

3. Lifetime Cashback

Lifetime Cashback allows you to continue earning money at a site beyond your first deposit. Lifetime Cashback can often be a more rewarding option if you are looking to play at a site for a longer period of time.

We pay Lifetime Cashback based on your losses at a bingo (or slot) site each month. If you win, we pay nothing; if you lose, we give you a percentage back.

At OnlineBingo, we are proud to offer a higher percentage of cashback on your losses than any other bingo or casino cashback site - up to 30%!

Benefits of Lifetime Cashback

  • Earn cashback on your total losses each month
  • View running totals for lifetime cashback earned
  • Keep your welcome bonus and anything you win
  • No wagering requirements for cashback
  • See your full cashback history for every offer you claim
  • Available at 20+ bingo, slot & casino sites
  • Get paid automatically at the start of each month

Sites offering Lifetime Cashback can be identified by the blue cashback text in category listings and on review pages.

Offer in listing screenshot
Offer in review screenshot

Claiming a Lifetime Cashback offer is simple:

Steps to claim offer

*Payments will be made on the 5th of each month for cashback earned in the previous month

Tracking your cashback (Lifetime)

Lifetime Cashback offers are displayed alongside First Deposit Cashback offers in your activity feed, but follow a different tracking process.

Unlike First Time Cashback, the amount of Lifetime Cashback that we track can fluctuate throughout a month based on your activity and success at a particular site - every loss you have will increase the cashback you earn, while every win will reduce it.

The amount we pay you each month will be based on your final win/loss figure for that period. Tracked and available cashback resets at the beginning of every month.

Let's take a closer look.

Column definitions (Lifetime Cashback)

Total tracked (orange)

Total tracked

For Lifetime Cashback offers, the amount shown in the total tracked column is the amount of cashback earned based on your current monthly losses at the site. This is calculated using the cashback percentage of the offer.

For example, if it’s the 15th day of the month and we have tracked £5 cashback on a 10% deal, your total losses so far that month will have been £50 (£50 x 10% = £5).

Available for Payment (Green)

Available for payment

The amount shown as ‘Available for Payment’ for a lifetime cashback deal will always be equal to the figure shown as tracked for that site. The reason being that we do not know whether you will play again during the month, so have to assume that your activity to date is what your cashback payment will be.

Total Paid (Blue)

Total paid

The ‘Total Paid’ column is mostly unchanged from First Deposit Cashback, except that this amount is a running total of multiple payments based on losses compared to a single one-off payment based on your first deposit only.

Lifetime Cashback Example

We have created a cashback diary below to demonstrate how your activity at a bingo site can affect the amount of Lifetime Cashback that you earn.

Example screenshot

The diary entries below are based on the above offer of 10% Lifetime Cashback.

Day 1

Lose £10. Daily cashback: £1 (£10 x 10% = £1). Net Monthly Cashback: £1

Total paid: £0, tracked: £1, available for payment: £1

On the first day of playing, our Lifetime Cashback player lost £10 at her chosen bingo site, Circus Bingo. However, because she signed up for a 10% Lifetime Cashback deal, we tracked £1 in her OnlineBingo account. (£1 = 10% of her £10 loss).

Day 2

Lose £5. Daily cashback: £0.50 (£5x 10% = £0.50). Net Monthly Cashback: £1.50

Total paid: £0, tracked: £1.50, available for payment: £1.50

The following day, our player loses another five pounds, taking her total losses for the month to £15.

The additional five pounds earns her an extra 50p cashback, bringing her total cashback earned for the month to £1.50 (50p for today, £1 for yesterday).

Day 3

Win £15. Daily cashback: -£1.50 (£15x 10% = £1.50). Net Monthly Cashback: £0.00

Total paid: £0, tracked: £0, available for payment: £0

On day three, our player wins £15. This cancels out her £15 losses from the month so far, bringing her cashback account to zero.

This is reflected in the tracked and available columns in her member's area.

Day 4

Win £20. Daily cashback: -£2.00 (£20x 10% = £2.00). Net Monthly Cashback: -£2.00

Total paid: £0, tracked: £0, available for payment: £0

A lucky streak? Day four brings another win for our player of £20. This equates to a negative £2 cashback total, but don't worry, she doesn't have to pay us!

The negative £2 net cashback will roll-on to the next day. Finishing the month with a negative cashback figure simply means you have won more than you lost - well done!

In this situation, your tracked cashback will always show as zero.

Day 5

Lose £40. Daily cashback: £4.00 (£40x 10% = £4.00). Net Monthly Cashback: £2.00

Total paid: £0, tracked: £2, available for payment: £2

On day five, our player loses a total of £40, earning her £4 in cashback.

Half of this amount goes towards offsetting her £20 win from the day before and the other half is tracked in her account.

Ie. -£2 net + £4 earned = £2 net

Day 6

Lose £23. Daily cashback: £2.30 (£23x 10% = £2.30). Net Monthly Cashback: £4.30

Total paid: £0, tracked: £4.30, available for payment: £4.30

Another loss of £23 on day six earns our player an additional £2.30 in cashback, taking her total for the month to £4.30.

Day 7

Win £5. Daily cashback: -£0.50 (£5x 10% = £0.50). Net Monthly Cashback: £3.80

Total paid: £0, tracked: £3.80, available for payment: £3.80

A win of five pounds on day seven reduces the total cashback earned at Circus Bingo by 50p to £3.80.

If she didn't play again this month, we would pay her £3.80 for her Circus Bingo activity, which would be shown in the 'Total Paid' column above.

4. Tips to ensure you always receive cashback

Payment Options

PayPal logo

Cashback earned at is automatically paid into your PayPal account on the fifth day of every month.

Each payment is for the month preceding it. For example, if you earn £10 cashback throughout September, you will be paid it on October 5th.

Your PayPal email address

We can only pay you your cashback if you tell us your PayPal email address. Once you have registered with OnlineBingo, you will see a variety of prompts to provide this in your member's area.

Payment screenshot

If you do not have a PayPal account, you will need to make one to receive your cashback.

Please contact us should you experience any problems with your PayPal email address or cashback payments.

Deleting your cookies

Your ability to earn cashback at a bingo site via could be affected if you have visited that site before - even if you didn't register.

Unless you are certain that you have never visited the bingo (or slot) site previously, we strongly recommend that you delete your cookies before clicking through.

This is a simple process which varies slightly depending on the web browser you are using. This excellent guide from PC Advisor contains step-by-step instructions for the most popular browsers.

Once your cookies are cleared, click-through, start playing and earn cashback in confidence.

How to clear your cookies

Terms and conditions

View our cashback terms on our terms and conditions page.