Reasons to host a bingo night

Reasons to host a bingo night

Max Wright

Oct 19, 2020 2 min read
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If you’re looking for a fundraising event to raise money for a charity, school/college, local sports club, university or a community project, then you might be spoiled for choice.

Seeing as this is you might think we’re biased, but we think one of the most engaging events you can run is a bingo night. 

Not convinced yet? Well, read on to discover why we think a bingo night is right for any fundraising event, then read our comprehensive guide to running a bingo night.

Easy peasy

One attractive feature of a bingo night is how easy it is to organise, set up, run, manage and play. We’ve got guides to assist you every step of the way, so check out our bingo night landing page to see just how simple it is.

Bingo is an easy to play, quick to learn game that people of all ages and abilities can get involved with playing and organising. The rules are easy to explain and even easier to follow - in fact, the hardest part of playing bingo might be choosing which type of bingo to play.

Traditionally, bingo played in halls or online is considered gambling, but if you set the game up and award prizes correctly you don’t need a gambling licence to run a bingo night.

A chance to catch up

Bingo nights are about more than daubing numbers and winning prizes, as many people who play bingo in halls or online see it as a social activity! 

A night out to the bingo is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, enjoy a drink or some food, listen to some music and enjoy some time around the people you care about most. 

By providing an opportunity for your local community to socialise and play bingo whilst also raising some money for your cause of choice, you’re creating an inviting event for everyone!

The gift of giving

People love winning prizes, and of course giving prizes out feels good as well! especially when you’re raising money for a good cause too.

As well as being a fun game to play, bingo is a good opportunity for players to have a go at winning some prizes. These can’t be cash prizes like traditional bingo, but to help you out we have a guide explaining what prizes you should award.

Every game of bingo is guaranteed to have at least one winner, but depending on which bingo game you choose to play, you could have up to 3 prizes up for grabs per game! 

Now you’ve decided to host a bingo night for your next fundraising event, your next step is choosing a charity or beneficiary to support.

This is the first article in a series about running your own charity bingo night. Visit the hub page and read our entire 12-part guide to organising a bingo night fundraiser here!


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