OB celebrates the Winner of Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller 2023

Comedian Amy Webber crowned Dabbers Final Bingo Caller 2023. Ric O'Brac named runner-up. Read more here.

OB celebrates the Winner of Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller 2023
Amy Webber, Next Top Bingo Caller Winner 2023. Image courtesy of Dabbers Social Bingo

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Did you attend the Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller event? If not, don’t fret - we've got you covered! On the 2nd of July 2 2023, the OB team were invited to celebrate the third year of the UK's biggest number-calling competition, filled with glamour and excitement. Held at a prestigious venue in East London, the event surpassed all expectations, delivering an unforgettable bingo experience. Let's delve into the details and catch you up on all the excitement you missed!

Dabbers Bingo goes beyond the ordinary game, providing a vibrant experience. The event featured a delightful Malibu punch cocktail called "Jungle is Massive," tasty tacos, bingo cards, and dabbers. As the afternoon unfolded, guests enjoyed thrilling entertainment from a fantastic DJ, top-notch hospitality from the Dabbers staff, sassy dance moves, drag queens, comedy acts, disco balls, and hilarious bingo calls!

Dabbers Bingo Finalists 2023

Let's recap the journey: 20 contestants engaged in intense bingo battles, but only four finalists emerged triumphant. These four finalists were Amy Webber, an award-winning triple threat comedian; Mathew Ali, a stand-up comedian known for his sassy storytelling and mesmerising dance moves; Ric O’Brac, the witty mind behind BBC Radios 4’s Newjack and BBC’s Have I Got News For You; and Siobhan, a musical force with impressive collaborations.

Witnessing their exceptional skills on stage was truly incredible, as each of them showcased their unique talents with unmatched flair.

The fate of the competition rested in the hands of the audience and judges. The esteemed panel of judges included Kate Daughton, the former Head of Comedy at the BBC and Co-Founder of Boffola Pictures; Miles Baron, the Chief Executive of the Bingo Association; Jerome Bernand, a Live Events Producer; and the comedic talent and winner of BBC's The Traitors 2023, Hannah 'Bitch-Cough-Ski' Rhiannon Wilkins.

And the winner is…

After much anticipation, let's have a drumroll for Amy Webber! With her opera singing, hilarious bingo calling, and impressive skills on the mini electric piano, she won the hearts of both the audience and judges.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Amy. She expressed she was chuffed and flattered for winning the Next Top Bingo Caller 2023. She began her comedy career in 2020 and has already completed 100 gigs, a significant milestone in the comedy industry! Amy believes that as a Bingo Caller, being quick to react, improvise with the audience, and, above all, staying true to oneself is essential.

As the winner, Amy will be awarded £1000, a luxurious hotel stay courtesy of the event sponsor, Malibu, and a 12-month contract with Dabbers, providing Amy with a chance to redefine the role of a Bingo Caller. Ric O’Brac, secured the runner-up position, entitling him to the Malibu sponsorship.

We were privileged to witness the exciting new era of bingo at the event! The atmosphere was electrifying, uniting the community for an unforgettable afternoon of thrilling bingo and entertainment. Anticipation builds for the next edition of Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller in 2024, where we eagerly await to see who will seize the coveted title. If you missed this fantastic event, you can still experience the thrill of the best online bingo sites.

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