Take part in 'Mo Bingo' to raise money for men's health causes!

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  • By Max Wright
Movember virtual mo bingo game
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November in the UK is a strange limbo period where the Halloween festivities have been reduced and purged, but it’s not quite time to start blaring Bublé’s Christmas album or get your decorations up. Nobody really knows what to do with themselves, and with lockdown in full swing, that feeling is amplified.

However, November doesn't have to be a lost cause, as proven by the charitable efforts of men up and down the country growing lip warmers in the name of men’s health.

Yes, Movember 2020 is in full swing! This annual, month long event challenges men to grow moustaches in order to raise some serious tash cash, all of which goes to great causes which directly deal with things that affect men, like testicular cancer, prostate cancer and issues of mental health & suicide.

Of course these are all very serious topics, which is why Movember's light hearted attitude makes it even easier to get involved and make a change.

If you are unable to grow a moustache or just can’t bring yourself to shave the rest of your beard, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the fun! You can still take part and join in with a Movember fundraiser event, or even organise your own.

Tomorrow, Thursday 12th November 2020, Movember is hosting an exciting Mo Bingo event, which is a live game of virtual bingo being hosted over Zoom by Ali Bruce! The event starts at 7:15pm and is totally free, but the event page encourages people entering to donate to the efforts of a friend or family member giving up their dignity to rock a ‘stashe!

Remember, the tickets are free and the hosts are promising some great prizes up for grabs, so register for Mo Bingo now so you don’t miss your spot! 

If you want to host your own game of Mo Bingo to raise some money for Movember, don’t forget that we have a comprehensive guide on hosting your own bingo night fundraiser, as well as our simple guide to virtual bingo over zoom that includes downloadable tickets!