Three new industry groups set up by the Gambling Commission

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  • By Max Wright
New Gambling Commission groups
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A Gambling Commission article has announced partnerships with operators and companies across the gambling industry to set up three new industry groups. These groups are each designed to tackle a key issue in how the industry designs products, incentivises players, and markets to customers.

These groups are a part of the Commission’s plans to make gambling safer in the UK. This announcement follows the formation of the new safer gambling initiative, which was created by the UK’s biggest operators in 2019 to tackle support and education of gambling harm.

The three groups will tackle the following:

  • Safer products - This group will ensure that games and gambling products do not promote unhealthy gambling habits. The codes of conduct that this group creates will shape the development of apps, games and gambling machines in the future by looking at what risks are associated with each product and explaining what is not acceptable. 
  • Safer online advertising - This group will look at where companies are failing to prevent children, young adults and vulnerable adults from being exposed to gambling adverts online.  An advertising technology challenge will explore how companies can reduce the amount of gambling advertising that these groups can see.
  • VIP incentives - as the conversation around how much online casinos rely on VIP schemes grows, this group will work to make sure these bonuses and gifts are fair and don’t promote unsafe gambling habits. 

Leading companies in the industry, including Playtech, GVC, Sky Betting and Gaming and SG Gaming are going to be involved and will lead elements of the project that they are best suited for. Hopefully these new groups will have a positive impact on how the gambling industry promotes and nurtures harmful gambling habits.