Introducing National Bingo Day - Sunday, 27th June 2021

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  • By Josh Osgood
national bingo day 2021
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This upcoming week is very special in the Bingo world, as this Sunday, June 27th is the first time that National Bingo Day will be officially celebrated in the UK. Yes you heard that right, a whole day dedicated to one of the nation's favourite games! Like many, the bingo industry was hit hard by Covid-19 throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021, so National Bingo Day has been launched to revitalise the industry and put the game we all love back into the public eye for bingo fans and newbies alike. 

From bingo halls to affiliate sites like ourselves, everyone in the industry is getting involved to celebrate bingo this Sunday! Here at OnlineBingo, we’ve gone one step further and have decided to celebrate all week with fun content for our readers.

Our National Bingo Day schedule includes:

To kick the celebrations off, we thought we'd list off what we think makes bingo so fun and why you should have a go at the game this weekend!

Why we love bingo:

  1. It’s social! - The great thing about bingo is it brings people together. Whether you’re at a bingo hall or playing online, chances are you’ve made friends through Bingo. 
  2. It’s easy to play! The great thing about Bingo is that it’s not complicated. Due to this simplicity it’s enjoyed by everyone - whether your 18 or 80 chances are you’d enjoy bingo.
  3. More chance to winning! - As great as Bingo is, it’s even better when you win. Bingo tends to have a host of prizes available for players, so the winning feeling never gets old!

Want to get involved this weekend? Check out the official National Bingo Day website to see what events are happening. Looking for some inspiration? Why not organise a fun game of virtual bingo with your friends & family! You can also read out guide to hosting a bingo night fundraiser to get some inspiration on how to throw a quick charity event, or get your local community together.