Kate and Will enjoy a royal game of virtual bingo

LATEST NEWS & OFFERS / May 22, 2020
Kate and Will enjoy a royal game of virtual bingo

Max Wright

May 22, 2020 2 min read
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It’s not just us normal folk whose work is being affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Even the royal family are unable to fulfil their responsibilities of public service in person. Just like the rest of us, though, they’ve been actively seeking out ways to work from home and even have a little fun in the process.

Kate Middleton and Prince William surprised residents at a Cardiff care home on Wednesday afternoon by paying them a visit via live video and taking part in a wholesome game of virtual bingo! The royal pair drew numbers, held up bingo balls for the camera, and tried their best to use the right bingo-lingo.

Whilst the couple should be commended for their efforts, the residents were not so positive about their bingo caller skills. When considering the royal novices’ performance, residents were heard saying that it “wasn't as good as it should have been” and “they haven't done so well in the bingo there”. Kate and Will laughed it off, but maybe it’s not time to give up the day jobs just yet.

The royal couple are not the only celebrities to partake in a spirited game of virtual bingo during quarantine. Texas care home residents had the unique opportunity to play bingo with Texas native Matthew McConaughey via Facebook Live.   

Shire Hall home currently hosts 87 residents between the ages of 58 and 99, who have largely been cut off from socializing with the wider world during the pandemic, and are learning about virtual entertainment for the first time now. What isn’t so new to them, however, is getting together with friends for a rousing game of bingo, a tradition many have cherished for decades. 

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