Can Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous?

Can Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous?

Winning the lottery is one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences that any of us could ever dream of. However, while a big win presents many opportunities for us, winning the lottery can also bring about a huge amount of stress!

Aside from the stresses of having to meet with a financial advisor, another consideration for lottery winners is anonymity. So what exactly can lottery winners do to remain anonymous?

Why lottery winners would want to remain anonymous

Yesterday you were an office drone, and today you can buy your own island – why wouldn’t you want to shout about it? Unfortunately, contrary to the saying, not all publicity is good publicity.

At the largest scale level, lottery winners may receive ‘begging letters’ from thousands of people at a time. While nine times out of 10 these may be for genuine, good causes – winners simply cannot please everyone.

Alternatively, winners may also be approached by fraudulent businesspersons trying to convince them to invest their cash into disreputable causes, which can often lead to a total loss of their assets.

On a smaller scale, fair-weather friends may suddenly reappear, as may squabbling relatives.

How to secure anonymity

Thankfully, lottery winners can go about their business without telling the world and its wife, but a lot of this depends on making the right choices.

When you win a substantial amount (i.e. more than £50,000), a legal representative from Camelot will arrange an appointment to see you and discuss your finances.

He or she may advise you to open a separate bank account, and will also ask a series of questions, including the crucial “how many people have you told?”

The National Lottery offers winners an exclusive aftercare programme that allows them access to legal and financial advice.

Part of the National Lottery’s duty is to keep your lottery win completely private, so you can rest assured that, should you wish to remain anonymous, you are not at risk of being exposed by National Lottery representatives.

Why would I want to go public?

For some lottery winners, the idea of keeping a win a secret is simply too much stress in itself. Many have said that it is difficult to adjust to a new lifestyle without being questioned on their fortune.

National Lottery Winner Advisor Andy Carter says he would encourage winners to remain anonymous if they wish to. “It’s entirely the winner’s decision if they want to share news of their win.

We keep in touch with them for as long as they want to – often they like to talk to someone or just let us know what they have been up to.”

Who should I tell?

Ultimately, it is your decision, but winners are under no obligation to talk to the press. If the pressure of telling your nearest and dearest is too much, then it is advisable to take advantage of the National Lottery’s aftercare programme to ensure you always have a listening ear.

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