How To Gamble For Free

GAMBLING GUIDES / Sep 25, 2018
How To Gamble For Free

Daryl Charman

Sep 25, 2018 2 min read
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Fancy a flutter without dipping into your own pocket?

There are several ways to enjoy the feeling of placing a bet without experiencing any repercussions for spending your own hard-earned money.

Whether you do this through betting for virtual money or utilise various company’s free incentives, here are just a few examples of how you can gamble for free.

Free spins

If you like playing online casino games like roulette, you’ll find a lot of companies offering ‘no deposit free spins’.

Their thinking is to get you excited enough about doing it so that you’ll go on to deposit real money. Just note, you may not always be able to withdraw any winnings from your free spins.

You shouldn’t be surprised if you do win at some stage within the first few spins, as companies will want you to continue betting.

Matched betting

Matched betting could arguably be classed as a free bet, as it’s generally recognised as a ‘risk-free’ activity.

By placing two contradicting bets on one event, but factoring in a bookmaker’s free bets and an online calculator, you’re mathematically likely to make a profit.

This does take some research and learning though. So you should set aside some time if you really want to utilise this method.

Free bets to sign up

You’ll see a lot of the UK’s biggest bookmakers offer a ‘money back/enhanced odds’ offer to new customers. While this might still require you to spend a few pounds on a wager, you’ll be rewarded with free bets if your placer doesn’t come in.

However, if you do win, you’ll usually get the winnings from the normal odds in return, plus the rest of the enhanced odds winnings paid in free bets.

For example, Anthony Joshua may be 11/8 favourite to win his next boxing bout, but with an enhanced offer of 25-1, you’ll receive the winnings from the 11/8 odds in actual money and the remainder in free bets.

It’s an effective way for companies to get you signed up and using their platform to make a bet in the future.

Free betting games

On a lot of online gambling sites, you’ll notice a practice or play for fun option.

So if you like the thrill of gambling, but don’t want to run the risk of losing actual money, playing virtually can be a great alternative too.

For instance, Poker Stars offers a free download of their virtual poker game. This allows you to play against people from around the world and the computer, so you’ll still enjoy the buzz of winning, but without being able to generate real money.  


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