Which Countries Gamble The Most

Which Countries Gamble The Most

When you think of gambling meccas around the world, it’s hard to look past the glitz and the glam of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

However, the American population aren’t as caught up on gambling as you may think.

Using the research from H2 Gambling Capital to account the losses in a year divided by the adult population, here’s the list of countries who gamble the most. (You may be surprised.)


Gambling is such a common activity in Australia, that their central bank has increased interest rates. The nation’s favourite form of betting is using slot machines, with online sports bets just behind.

In fact, the Australian nation loves gambling so much that the 935 gamblers who were banned from casinos between 2006 and 2010, were caught over 1,200 times for breaching their ban.

The average loss of gambling per adult: $1,288.


The craziest part about Singapore featuring in this top 5 list is the fact that they only opened their first casino in 2010.

However, their government have started to charge locals an entry fee of $81 to the casino – which could put off gamblers.

The average loss of gambling per adult: $1,174


Ireland’s casino industry is completely unregulated, due to its current outdated laws. This has resulted in an emergence of more gaming machines.

Although the government are starting to introduce new gambling laws to help regulate the industry and reduce the country’s gambling.

The average loss of gambling per adult: $588


According to research, over 75% of Canadian adults have gambled at least once. So it’s no wonder why they’ve made it into this list.

Their most popular form of gambling is lottery games and scratch cards. With so many people entering every week, their government has introduced campaigns to try and put loved ones off from buying minors a lottery ticket as a gift.

The average loss of gambling per adult: $568


This may come as a surprise, but over 41% of Finland’s adult population gambles on a weekly basis.

There’s been such a desire to have a flutter, that they raised the legal gambling age to 18 years old from 15 in 2011.

However, with the PAF Group of Finland offering payback incentives to its loyal customers, this doesn’t exactly discourage addictions.

The average loss of gambling per adult: $553

If you’re wondering where Britain falls under all of this, surprisingly, it’s quite far down the list with an average loss of gambling per adult falling just below $400.

So either the British public doesn’t gamble much or they're just extremely lucky!

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