Are Casino Drinks Free?

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  • By Amy McDonnell
casino drinks free

If you’ve ever headed to a casino, you may have heard that you’ll be met with a cocktail and the drinks will keep flowing all night – free of charge. While this is partially true, it’s important to note that going to a casino with the purpose to drink for free won't go the way you think it might.

Yes, drinking is free, but it varies dramatically between venues and indeed countries. At some, you may be offered a free drink on arrival and at others, you won’t be able to go to the bar and order a round of shots.

The rules in the UK are a little confusing, so don’t expect a Martini to be handed to you as soon as you sit down. But, if you’re in America, free drinks are generally offered to guests, but players who spend their time gambling are more likely to be prioritised by the staff.

The trick to getting drinks is to tip the waitress well. It’s not a big gesture, but tipping your waitress between £5-10 will go a long way and she’ll be sure to serve you quickly.

After that, you’ll only need to tip £1-2 for every drink after that. Not a bad price to pay for a cocktail delivered straight to you.  

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