5 Effective Ways to Limit Your Online Gambling

If you occasionally dabble in online gambling or engage in it more frequently, practising responsible gambling can be enhanced by keeping track of the time spent gambling.

online gambling

If you occasionally dabble in online gambling or engage in it more frequently, practising responsible gambling can be enhanced by keeping track of the time spent gambling. GAMSTOP offers a solution for this, but for those seeking to exert greater control over their habits and take a significant break from gambling, there are several other options available.

Individuals may find various methods for reducing exposure and avenues for gambling effective based on their unique preferences, so we have categorised to highlight the least and most extreme.

1. Opt out of marketing

Opting out of all gambling marketing will minimise distractions, diminish temptations, and provide a more thorough separation.

If you believe that receiving offers, welcome deals, and other marketing in your inbox may exacerbate unhealthy habits, make sure to locate the unsubscribe button (required by GDPR legislation for all marketing communications) and cease receiving any further communications.

2. Consider self-exclusion

To have finer control over your gambling habits, consider self-excluding on the websites you frequently visit. This option allows you to limit your exposure without imposing a complete ban on yourself.

You can register for GAMSTOP for a more extensive and comprehensive form of self-exclusion. For further insights, we invite you to explore our beginner's guide to GAMSTOP.

3. Restrict access on ALL devices

Establishing a barrier between you and all online gambling can strengthen your resistance to temptation. Instead of blocking sites individually with web filters, you can effectively restrict access on all your devices using Gamban.

This software is compatible with all major devices, so you have protection even if your willpower is low. For a subscription fee of £24.99 per year, you can secure protection across all your devices, with a 7-day free trial available.

4. Block transactions

If you really want to limit your ability to gamble, you can block all gambling-related transactions with your bank. This will limit you across the gambling board, from online casinos to betting shops.

If you are struggling with gambling, this will prevent you from making any gambling deposits. Some internet banks, including Monzo, have the option to block gambling transactions in their app to make it easier to act.

If this is not something you have explored, or you don't know what your bank offers, it’s worth speaking to your bank to understand what options they have.

5. Set time outs

Many reputable online gaming providers will offer the option of time-out from gambling. This gives players the initial control to set a limit on when they cannot play.

Players can decide how long they want the time-out period to last. It may be 24 hours, a week, or potentially a month. This way, the responsibility is shared between the player and the gambling operator.

Using one method to limit or stop online gambling, such as Gamban or bank blocking, may not be enough. By using a multi-layered approach to protect yourself, you'll have various options for support and help.

We have various playing guides that can help you identify a gambling problem or assist you with gambling responsibly.

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