Links to other official bingo night resources

Links to other official bingo night resources

While we have tried to make our guide to planning a charity bingo night as comprehensive as possible, some of the variables will depend on how many people you are hosting your event for, where you are planning on holding your event, etc. So, we have also put together a list of official resources on hosting charity events, helping you find area specific information to help you plan the best fundraising event possible. 

The first question is probably the most obvious but also the broadest question: how do you plan a successful charity event? After reading through our guide on organising a charity bingo night you should be set and ready to go, but for further information check out eventbrite’s guide to planning a successful charity event.

Before making any more moves into planning your event, think ahead to any potential legal complications. If you are hosting your bingo night as a fundraising event you likely won’t need a gambling licence, but check on the gambling commission website to make sure you don’t break the law.

This will outline all the measures you should put in place to ensure you have a fun and legal event. 

So, you know all about the law surrounding licensing, but what about catering? As long as it is a one-off for a fundraising event you shouldn’t need any certification for preparing and selling food, but you do need to make sure you are following the guidelines set out by the FSA regarding food safety, or refer to your local council for further advice.

If you are selling alcohol you will need to be licensed  or make sure your venue has a licence that will cover you. If you are providing alcohol free of charge, and without including the purchase of alcohol within entry fees you do not need a licence but you still need to make sure you are following the law and not serving minors. 

For more health and safety information it is a good idea to read through the St George's Kidney Patients Association official guide to health and safety when planning a fundraising event.

Now you need a venue

When you are booking a venue there are multiple types to choose from. Sites like Halls Hire are great for finding community halls you can hire out for your event. Or, have a look at School Hire to book out a school hall for your bingo night. Another great site is Hire Space, where you can search for a multitude of venue types across the country.

Just the equipment left

When you are looking for bingo daubers the best place to start is probably a bingo supply store, either online or locally. Online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are also great places to look, as are stores like Wilko.

Bingo ticket books can be purchased in most post offices, bookshops, newsagents, and online, so they are easy to source. If you are looking to print off free bingo cards check out My Free Bingo Cards and Bingo Baker.

And finally, one of the best suppliers of bingo number generators is Kory Bingo Machines, which can be found at Find The Needle.

We hope this resource list helps you organise a successful bingo night and that you have fun and raise lots of money for a good cause. 

This article is a part of a 12 part series explaining how to organise a bingo night fundraiser.

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