Host your own bingo night fundraiser

Host your own bingo night fundraiser

Raising money for a charity or good cause takes more than just a nice idea and a money box. Your heart might be in the right place, but you might find surprises at every step that you weren’t prepared for, or you might just be overwhelmed trying to choose from the number of options you have. 

If done correctly, a fundraiser can not only be really beneficial to the chosen cause, but it can also be a lot of fun for you and your friends, family and local community! We highly recommend getting a group together and trying to raise some money for a deserving cause, but what fundraising event should you run?

Why host a charity bingo night?

It might seem like we’re a bit biased, but hear us out: we think the best fundraiser you can organise to raise money is a charity bingo night! Not only is bingo a fun and easy game to follow for people of all ages and ability levels, it also doesn’t require you to hire expensive equipment or find a large, pricey space to host in.

A bingo night fundraiser might be an easy and engaging way to raise some money, but it still takes some planning as there are many decisions to be made and factors to consider. These include the difficult decision of which bingo game to play and the slightly more complicated calculation of working out how much money you can raise.

To help you with all the challenges that you might face when organising an event like this, Online Bingo UK has created most complete bingo night guide resource on the internet, which includes everything you’ll need to organise the perfect bingo night charity event and answer all of your questions along the way.

Our complete 12 step guide

In this 3 part guide, we’ll take you step by step through the process of planning, organising and hosting a perfect bingo night fundraiser. Start your journey below!

Part 1: Getting started

Even LiveAid started with an idea on paper. This first section walks you through the first steps you'll need to take that will really get the (bingo) ball rolling. 

1. Why run a bingo night?
2. How to choose a charity or beneficiary
3. Do you need a gambling licence?
4. Choosing a type of bingo
5. The rules of bingo

Part 2: Build your bingo night

You've got a strong foundation for your fundraiser, it's time to start planning! This section breaks down how to turn your bingo night from an idea into a real event!

6. Equipment you’ll need for your bingo night
7. Choosing a venue for your bingo night
8. How to raise money at your bingo night
9. How much will your bingo night cost?

Part 3: Make it a success

You've got all the wheels in motion, your event is nearly ready to go. But how do you make sure people will come, have fun and most importantly, want to donate? This final section can help!

10. What prizes should you award?
11. Promoting your bingo night
12. Risk assessment

Free downloadable resources

To help make your bingo night a massive success, we have produced a series of downloadable bingo tickets, calling cards, posters and social media graphics that are perfect for getting the word out and helping your games run smoothly.

Bonus idea: Virtual Bingo Night

With the global pandemic and the current restrictions in the UK about social events, it's very difficult to organise and host a bingo night in person right now. To solve this, we have created a virtual bingo game that you can play from the safety of your own home. 

Bonus. How to organise a virtual bingo night

We've also scoured the internet for all the important bingo night links and resources that you should read so you're totally clued up about the important things including gambling regulation, health and safety and the legality of selling alcohol. Read the official bingo night resources index here.

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