The Wizard of Bingo comes to Cozy Games

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  • By Sam Coleman
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The Wonderful Wizard of Bingo

Cozy Games have worked their magic and created a brand new bingo game for their huge range of bingo sites! Follow us down the yellow brick road and we’ll explain the Wizard of Bingo to you and where you can find it.

The Wizard of Bingo is a 75 ball game which works with elimination rules. Basically, you don’t want your balls to be drawn for once!

There’s some extra magical twists though. Random balls will be ‘Witch Balls’ - if that number appears on your ticket, it will be cursed and lose a life. Lose three lives and your ticket is gone!

One ball in each game will be a ‘Magic Shoe’ ball though. If this number is on your ticket when it’s drawn, that ticket will be protected from curses for five calls.

If you get a Full House on a ticket, a monkey will come along and snatch it away too, so there’s a lot to watch out for in this game!

Last ticket standing

Like in classic elimination bingo, your ticket wins if it’s the last remaining one in the game. If the last few tickets are eliminated at the same time, the prize pool is split!

Best of all, Wizard of Bingo is live and playing right now on the Live Bingo and Best Bingo Networks.

That includes sites like Landmark Bingo, Epic Bingo and New Look Bingo, so if you’ve got an account with one of these sites (or any other Cozy site), why not hop on and try out this exciting new game?

This Wizard might not give you a brain, a heart, courage or a way home, but it will give you a new bingo game to try out and secretly, that’s all we really want anyway.

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