Trustly Introduces New UK Online Payment Option

Trustly has reinforced its commitment to eliminating barriers and enhancing the user experience by launching Pay N Play in the UK.


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Trustly has reinforced its commitment to eliminating barriers and enhancing the user experience, aiming to provide greater value to gaming operators. Therefore, it will launch Pay N Play in the UK.

The firm highlighted that the demand for instant gratification had risen significantly in our increasingly digital world.

Pay N Play benefits

In the past, online gaming customers may have used bank cards for online payments, but this is changing as UK users move towards other payment methods. Pay N Play aims to combine registration and deposit actions into one step to make the process easier for players and remove the time-consuming effort of the sign-up and manual account verification process.

Often, there will be customer drop-offs during the sign-up or payment process, but Pay N Play has a conversation rate of over 98%.

Pay N Play is available in markets including the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden. It has improved registrations and provided a digital payment solution for many consumers.

Trustly in the UK

And it’s not all about ease of use and time-saving. Account-to-account payments can also benefit users from a safety perspective. There is often better identification data, lower cost, and less fraud.

Pay N Play also provides robust security features to safeguard players’ funds. Utilizing bank-grade encryption and authentication protocols ensures that players’ financial information remains secure and protected throughout each transaction.

Moving to this payment method ahead of their competitors may also give gaming operators a competitive edge.

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