Over a Third of Brits are Worried about Going to a Casino

New research shows that over a third of British people don’t understand how casinos work. Find out more about in-person and online casinos.


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New research shows that over a third of British people don’t understand how casinos work, and therefore, over half of these people feel too intimidated to go to a casino. The poll was carried out by one poll and included 2,000 adults.

So, perhaps it’s time to play online casinos instead?

What are the worries?

The poll showed that people are intimidated by casinos and don't generally understand how to play when they get there. The main reason for not visiting casinos in person was a lack of knowledge about the games, as 72% said they didn't know how to play baccarat, 70% didn't know how to play craps, and 48% didn't understand blackjack.

But even the more supposedly obvious games were still misunderstood. 36% of the respondents didn't know how to play roulette, and slot machines intimidated 23%.

Concerns about winning

The poll results also showed that other elements of online casinos are putting potential players off.

42% of those included in the poll said that they would feel uncomfortable if they didn't know how to play a game and had to ask someone in the casino for help with the rules. Some said that they found casinos old-fashioned, and one in five said that they had a fear of not winning, which prevented them from attending physical casinos.

Only 8% of respondents said that they are very likely to visit a casino in the future, and 48% said that they placed bets now and again. Of those adults who do gamble, on average, they spend £26.98 each month, placing four bets.

The benefits of playing online

The research showed that individuals are seeing perks playing at online casinos rather than in person.

33% said they wouldn't go to a casino because you can't wear what you want, and 31% said they didn't go because they didn't want to show their face. You can avoid doing both of these things if you play online!

Finally, other perks of playing online include being less likely to be judged by others and feeling confident about playing online behind a screen (30% of respondents).

Learn more about online casinos, how to stay safe while playing online, and what games are available.

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