Take a Chance on Monopoly Casino

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  • By Sam Coleman
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A couple of weeks ago, we learnt Gamesys had lost control of the ever-popular Sun Bingo. Since then, we’ve been wondering what the company has in the pipeline to cover this big loss.

Monopoly Casino is the first new site from Gamesys and we presume there’s a lot more to come.

There’s only a Coming Soon page live on the site right now, so we know little about it other than the name!

Licensed by Hasbro, Monopoly Casino features the iconic Mr. Monopoly. The site will host “exclusive Monopoly slot games and more”.

Many bingo and casino sites already feature a few Monopoly slot games. Monopoly Slots is also available on Android and iOS devices as a free download - it doesn’t use real money for gambling though.

Monopoly Bingo is another game available for mobile devices. That makes us wonder if Gamesys plans to produce a bingo game based on the board game for Monopoly Casino.

Created by video game developer Electronic Arts, Monopoly Bingo manages to work all the iconic features of the board game in.

You visit properties like Vine Street, Old Kent Road and Mayfair. You can also open the Community Chest to win coins and free tickets.

There’s a tournament mode too, so you can compete against your friends.

Is this the start of a Gamesys Monopoly?

We think a game in this style would be an interesting addition to the online gaming world. Here’s hoping Gamesys are willing to think outside the box with Monopoly Casino!

Clearly, the Monopoly brand is already popular in gaming, which makes sense. After all, Monopoly is about making as much money as you can!

Here’s hoping we all get a share of the wealth when Monopoly Casino finally goes live!