Rank Group launching Luda Bingo in 2017

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A luda-crous decision?

Grosvenor Casino and Mecca Bingo owners The Rank Group recently announced plans to launch a new ‘convenience’ bingo brand. According to EGR Magazine, that new brand will be called Luda Bingo.

Luda Bingo will be a chain of bingo halls which offer a more modern take on the traditional bingo experience. Located in city centers and nightclub-heavy areas, Luda Bingo clubs will be smaller, but more accessible for younger players.

In an interview with the Telegraph in August, Rank Group CEO Henry Birch said: “Just like people want convenience shopping, there is an element of people wanting convenience gaming.”

Mr Birch also pointed out that Mecca Bingo “is slightly a product of the 1960s, 70s and 80s in terms of where they’re located, and what the clubs look like”. Presumably, Luda Bingo has been created to be an alternative to this image.

Coming in 2017

Rank is looking to open two or three Luda Bingo clubs within the first six months of 2017. It will also have an online presence; domains for Luda were snapped up by Rank in 2016.

Bingo is still viewed as a dying game by many, so Rank’s decision to open a new brand is interesting. If Luda is successful with its target audience, it could completely revitalise the bingo industry, making bingo fashionable once again. That’s a mighty big if though.

We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Luda Bingo as 2017 approaches, so stick with OnlineBingo.co.uk for all the latest news.

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