What Bingo Sites Looked Like 10 Years Ago

We take a trip down memory lane to see how some of our favourite bingo sites have aged over the past decade or so.

What Bingo Sites Looked Like 10 Years Ago

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You might struggle to remember the early days of online bingo, with its bad design and simple layouts.

Now that over half of us choose to play on our phones, the clunky, hard to use websites are a distant memory we’re happy to forget.

However, there is some comfort in nostalgia, so we've decided to take a trip down memory lane to see how some of our favourite bingo sites have aged over the past decade or so.

Sun Bingo

Established in 2006, Sun Bingo is one of the best sites on the market. In its infancy, it was operated by tombola until it was taken over by Gamesys in 2010 and then by Playtech in 2016.

If you compare the site in 2006 to present day, it’s probably had the least amount of rebranding of all those featured on our list.

Even when they made the transition to Playtech, there was little done to the infamous red and yellow branding we all know and love.

It’s no surprise, however, as Sun Bingo is one of the top players in the industry, so choosing to keep their branding was a no-brainer. It’s kept them in front for over 10 years – so why change a good thing?

Gala Bingo

You’ll have no doubt heard of Gala Bingo, a household name that has been operating in the UK for over 20 years.

Beginning in the humble bingo hall, Gala Bingo has gone on to build an empire including its popular website that was launched back in 2006.

With improved technology, it’s obvious that Gala Bingo has come a long way since it's early days.

We’re glad they decided to have a design shake-up as they now lead the way in design and functionality and the website is a pleasure to play on.


The worst looking website on the list, Jackpotjoy, has had a much-needed facelift. Launching in 2003, they’re now the most searched for online bingo site and we can see why.

They got rid of the childish fonts and embraced some of the biggest collaborations in bingo history, with Eastenders veteran, Barbara Windsor fronting the brand for eight years.

Looking at the 2006 design, you wouldn’t think that Jackpotjoy would have thrived in what would become an oversaturated market where only the best truly survive!

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