MrQ Casino: Leading the Way with Exceptional RTP Rates

MrQ Casino: Leading the Way with Exceptional RTP Rates

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MrQ Casinos recently conducted an in-depth analysis of Return To Player (RTP) rates among popular online casinos to see how they fared against their bigger named competitors with surprising results.

The report revealed that MrQ Casino consistently outshone its well-established competitors in this crucial aspect. MrQ Casino upheld remarkable RTP rates, exceeding 95% on the most popular slot games. Examples of MrQ Casino best RTP's are 95.71% on Piggy Riches Megaways, 96.24% on Big Bass and 96.21% on Book of the Dead. The later significantly surpassing the measly 87.25% on offer at a leading competitor.

At a time when many online casinos are adjusting their RTP values to increase house profits at the expense of players, MrQ Casino has opted for fairness. The study showed that MrQ Casino took the lowest house win percentage, preferring to pass winnings onto their players.

MrQ Casino has emerged from this study as a brand that prioritises its players by providing notably high RTP percentages across popular games. In five short years, MrQ Casino has established its reputation as a trustworthy option for players who want a fair and gratifying gaming experience.

The RTP is a factor gamblers consider when playing online slot games. The RTP percentage tells you how much money, on average, you can expect to get back from a casino game over time. Understanding these percentages is vital for players as they directly impact their chances of walking away with winnings.

Traditionally, game studios determined RTP rates. More recently, casinos have been able to set their own RTP rates within the boundaries set by the game developers.This has led to numerous online casinos to recalibrating their RTP values.

Some of the most well known online casinos have chosen to reduce RTP rates, placing the odds firmly in the house's favour, ultimately causing losses for players.

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