UK Gambling Commission Investigates More General Election Candidates

The UK Gambling Commission is investigating candidates and officials over general election bets they should not have made.

Gambling Commission

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The UK Gambling Commission is investigating up to 15 Conservative candidates and officials over bets they should not have made.

Those being investigated allegedly bet on when the general election would be held before it was announced.

It's illegal

Although in the UK, you're allowed to gamble on politics and election date bets are popular, you cannot bet if you know more. If you have insider information or know about an election date, etc., betting on it with a bookmaker is a crime.

Those Tory members being investigated include Nick Mason, the chief data officer, Craig Williams, and Laura Saunders, a Bristol North West candidate.

Sunak officially confirmed the 4 July 2024 election date on 22 May, so if an individual had insider knowledge and placed financial bets, there could be consequences.

Mason denies breaking any betting rules, and Williams has admitted to placing a bet of £100. Saunders is also being investigated after she was accused of betting on election dates.

In a statement on X, Williams said he had planned to donate any winnings to   charity: 'While I did not place this bet with any prior knowledge of the outcome, this was a huge mistake, for which I apologise unreservedly.'

The current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak said: 'We have been in parallel conducting our own internal inquiries, and will of course act on any relevant findings or information.'

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